Best ad networks for Indian publishers (TOP 10)

Choose the best ad network is a perfect thing to make decent money from online advertisement. If you are an owner of a website or blog and wants to makes decent money than you need to choose best ad network according to your traffic region. Without combination traffic and ad network, you can’t make a little money with Hugh traffic.

Automatically updateble scrolling recently post/comment/news ticke

Everyone blogger or news portal website owner like embed ticker because it don’t need big space. Its works like navigation bar, visitor can instantly find what latest news is or recently posts. If you have owner of a website like news, stock market, or such type other website than this post is very helpful for you. Follow the following instruction and easily setup scrolling ticker for show news, recently comment, post as you wish on your website.  

Make a website with DOT Bharat domain name
Now Type URLs in Hindi and many other regional languages
The government of India recently launched .Bharat domain name in devnagri script. Dear friend today I discussed about new top level domain name in local language in major eight languages (Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Maithili, Boro, Dogri, Nepali, and Sindhi-Devnagri)  other languages will add soon.            
            If you want make a website in regional language than it is now possible with Top level domain name. Like www.example.bharat I mean your domain name in Hindi script or other listed language. Any individual, firm, businessmen, local e-commerce store or shopkeeper can book domain name.
If you don’t know about domain name than your first question is what is domain name.

What is domain name?
Domain name is a unique name for a website that identifies a unique website on internet. Computer don’t understand A-Z character it’ know only digit like etc. but we can’t remember for long time. If you press a key in keyboard than computer take a unique digit for every key.
Type of domain name: Mostly two type domain name
  •  Top level domain name: Top level domain name is a domain ending with .com .net .org .org .in. etc. The government of India recently launched top level domain service. For example: here this is top level domain name and by the government of India recently launched www.example.bharat for Indian local language website. You will such type website soon. .in is already abatable for Indian website.
  • Sub domain: According to name sub domain connected with top level domain sub domain provided by owner of top level domain for example:  this is a sub domain name.
Benefit of Bharat domain
  1. Any individual, firm, or local businessmen can easily make a website in regional language with domain name. 
  2. It covered in eight languages (Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Maithili, Boro, Dogri Nepali, and Sindhi-Devnagri) 
  3. Dot Bharat domain will support native language script as your language. 
  4. India will be biggest internet user country in near feature. So a website or blog content will help farmers, students, small shopkeeper etc. 
  5. It could also covered generate new jobs and help to spread business in local areas. 
  6. It will make easy communication between government, business firm and regional people. 
  7. Share your content in regional language with local people. 
  8. It will help to peoples get right price of their goods.
Aim of Government: The government of India wants to connect 60,000 villagers with broadband this year. 1lakh next year and another 1lakh in following year through The National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN).
This project cost around 35,000 Crore which aim to provided high-speed broadband internet connection to 2.5lakh gram panchayats in India by mach 2017.

How to add paypal donate button to blogger

Donate Example Setting up your Paypal Account-

Note : If you haven't yet signed up for Paypal then do it here We were having difficulties receiving Payments in Personal Paypal account, so you have to make your Paypal account Premier in order to receive donations. Upgrading your account to Premier is absolutely free. Login to your Paypal account -> On your account dashboard you will see the account type you have, if Personal is mention there, click on it and upgrade to Premier. That's it.

Procedure To Generating the Donate Button-

Note : I suggest you to log out from Paypal while creating the button.  
(1). Go to this page and click on 'Create button' link
(2). Now when you are on the page with Paypal button creating tool you will see a drop down menu with different options (button type) choose Donations from the drop down.
(3). Put your organization name and donation id (it's optional)
(4). If you want a more customized button then you can use the customization options, you can 
(5). put your own image instead of the normal donate button (optional)
(6). Choose the currency. If you want a fixed amount to get donated from the donors then you 
(6). can choose the 'Donors contribute a fixed amount.' and enter the amount.
(7). The last and the most important step is to enter the email id for your Paypal
Skip Step 2 and 3 there and click on 'Create Button' and you will get the HTML code for your donate button. Copy that code.

Next is to add the code for Paypal donate button into your blog's sidebar.

How to install in blogger platform-

(1). Go to- and Login your Account
(2). Open Your Blog where you Get This Widget.
(3). Go to under the Option Layout
(4). & Click to +Add a Gadget Option
(5). Now Scroll To "HTML-JAVASCRIPT"
(6). Click "+" Icon To Add It
(7). Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It To There.
(8). Leave The Title Empty.
(9). Click Save, Now You Are Done.

How to auto post or update blogspot via Rss feed

Do you want to publish news sports score and many other such service on your blog these type service update every hour, minute and second  its very difficult to manage for blogger but RSS feed make simple to post automatically on your blogs post.

 1. Find RSS feed do you want.
     click hare for cricket

 2. click hare    for generate JavaScript code of your code.

 3. Past feed in URL box  set what do you in your feed page.

 4. click on preview feed see your  feed page preview

 5. if you satisfy click on Generate JavaScript & copy code.

 6. Go to your blog and click on New Post 

 7. Click on HTML Remove everything & past your JavaScript code. 

 8. click compose now you will see blank page but  don't very. click preview and publish 

Enjoy now to your feed. i think it is help your to auto post on your blog.  


How to insert a link

Many time we want to put a link but we don't know how to put a hyperlink in comment box so every one easy go to other site do you want.
         don't worry copy fowling link replace fallowing your URL and post">text that turns into the link
replace your URL in green area.
replace yellow to do you want to name of your link.  

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