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Now Type URLs in Hindi and many other regional languages
The government of India recently launched .Bharat domain name in devnagri script. Dear friend today I discussed about new top level domain name in local language in major eight languages (Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Maithili, Boro, Dogri, Nepali, and Sindhi-Devnagri)  other languages will add soon.            
            If you want make a website in regional language than it is now possible with Top level domain name. Like www.example.bharat I mean your domain name in Hindi script or other listed language. Any individual, firm, businessmen, local e-commerce store or shopkeeper can book domain name.
If you don’t know about domain name than your first question is what is domain name.

What is domain name?
Domain name is a unique name for a website that identifies a unique website on internet. Computer don’t understand A-Z character it’ know only digit like etc. but we can’t remember for long time. If you press a key in keyboard than computer take a unique digit for every key.
Type of domain name: Mostly two type domain name
  •  Top level domain name: Top level domain name is a domain ending with .com .net .org .org .in. etc. The government of India recently launched top level domain service. For example: www.example.com here this is top level domain name and by the government of India recently launched www.example.bharat for Indian local language website. You will such type website soon. .in is already abatable for Indian website.
  • Sub domain: According to name sub domain connected with top level domain sub domain provided by owner of top level domain for example: www.livelatest.blogspot.com  this is a sub domain name.
Benefit of Bharat domain
  1. Any individual, firm, or local businessmen can easily make a website in regional language with domain name. 
  2. It covered in eight languages (Hindi, Konkani, Marathi, Maithili, Boro, Dogri Nepali, and Sindhi-Devnagri) 
  3. Dot Bharat domain will support native language script as your language. 
  4. India will be biggest internet user country in near feature. So a website or blog content will help farmers, students, small shopkeeper etc. 
  5. It could also covered generate new jobs and help to spread business in local areas. 
  6. It will make easy communication between government, business firm and regional people. 
  7. Share your content in regional language with local people. 
  8. It will help to peoples get right price of their goods.
Aim of Government: The government of India wants to connect 60,000 villagers with broadband this year. 1lakh next year and another 1lakh in following year through The National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN).
This project cost around 35,000 Crore which aim to provided high-speed broadband internet connection to 2.5lakh gram panchayats in India by mach 2017.

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