Best ad networks for Indian publishers (TOP 10)

Choose the best ad network is a perfect thing to make decent money from online advertisement. If you are an owner of a website or blog and wants to makes decent money than you need to choose best ad network according to your traffic region. Without combination traffic and ad network, you can’t make a little money with Hugh traffic.

How to check a website is fake or real

 How to check a website is fake or real
Everyone wants make some extra money form home through internet. And many websites on internet offer decent money like online survey, PTC, and other such type for see advertisement. And they claim make much money for example $200/day or $2000/week, but Caution! Nowadays in online marketing 97% websites are scams.

How to make secure payment online

Tips for make secure online payment/transaction
Today’s is technical era and everyone wants something buy-sell, make online payment, pay bill, shopping, balance check etc from home through online payment system.
Many victims loss their entry money by online theft or fraud but you can make secure transfer after following tips.
How to make secure payment online6 Rules for safer financial transaction

1. Protect your computer against internet thefts: - keep all software update related to security like antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware. Always download or purchase software form official website and enable automatic update mode. If you are owner of e-commerce shop or regularly make e-payment than you should avoid free or less security software (antivirus).  Keep your browser automatic update mode and remove unwanted add-ons and extensions.

2. Look sign that your information is safe
  Before enter your sensitive information in webpage ensure that is ----

  • The site/webpage uses encryption, or makes sure webpage address start with “https”. Here https ending “s” ensure that is website or webpage is secure for online payment.
  • Never make payment or never enter sensitive information that web page address starts with “http” its type website not secure for online transaction.

Different between HTTP and HTTPS : HTTP use for general information site while HTTPS use for safe transaction.

3. As possible type web address yourself: - much time we get an email that you won a lottery or gift and they ask us to make small transaction for registration or shipping charge. When you click on link it’s automatically re-direct to a specify web address. After make a little payment you will get a message from your banks that your account balances is zero (0.00).   

4. Create strong password: - 
  • Strong password is easy to remember but difficult for other or guess. You should make at least 14 character password including lower-upper character and sign (A-Z, a-z, 0-9, ~! @ # $ % ^ & * _ + = ? / >). Change your password after a time frame.
  • Use different password for every website. Never use same password between two sites.
  • Never share password and PIN (personal identification number) with others. Keep its secret don’t share using phone call, text message, email,

5. Always use your home computer for online transaction: - Never pay bill, fund transfer, shopping and other such as financial activities form public computer or cybercafe.  As possible make a payment with private internet connection always avoid public wireless or public WiFi internet.

6. Use common sense: - if you get a message, alert, or email, that your account will be closed unless you take some immediately action, you have won lottery and ask for registration fee, or other transaction. Avoid these type alerts like sound good.
            Be aware that bank never asks your sensitive information like debit/credit card number or bank account number because these type information already available in their database. 
               If you think that you have got email or text message alert is not fraud than you should contact your bank before take any action.

I think your next transaction will safer.
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