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» HOW TO » » How to check a website is fake or real

 How to check a website is fake or real
Everyone wants make some extra money form home through internet. And many websites on internet offer decent money like online survey, PTC, and other such type for see advertisement. And they claim make much money for example $200/day or $2000/week, but Caution! Nowadays in online marketing 97% websites are scams.
Some websites ask small amount of money for registration. Always aware these type websites are scam. Genuine site never ask for pay any amount of many. Always be aware in mind that it is too hard make money on internet. According to my experience some websites credit money in their website’s virtual account according to their claim, but they don’t give payout in PayPal, or bank account. Generally user sees banner ads or read little line on the website. And ready to sign up without read their terms & condition they regret when face to problem payout time.  
               Some other email marketing websites don’t ask any amount of money but they don’t payout you had earned money. other side many text messaging advertisement website claim mobile recharge, but when you reach near payout they stop send SMS so you can’t payout recharge amount.
                Other side are available some genuine websites that really pay you have earned amounts like Google add-send. E-bay and Amazon’s affiliate program.    

Before signup at any website you should check that it is fake or real by some fact them-

1.Google search: - before sign up check reviews if the specify website is old them defiantly you will get some review or if new than you will get some information read as possible as much information.

2.Alexa ranking: - Check alexa rank specify website if the website is real than its high ranking. Alexa gives a rank every website according to its traffic. If such website is real than everyone would like visit daily and its rank high if its fake than no one would like to visit again and its rank will low. For example Google is popular and genuine and every people visit so its rank is #1. You can install Alexa toolbar on your browser its automatically show website’s rank without visit  and no need check one by one.

3.Contact page: - contact page provide much information of it’s like phone number, email address, company address and such type other information. If website fakes than its information like email, phone, and company address may wrong.

4.HTTPS:- In last post I discussed about how to secure your online payment. It’s is very important parameter judge that website is fake or real. If any website ask some sensitive information like credit card number, bank account detail than its must be HTTPS (Hyper text transfer protocol security) not HTTP(Hyper text transfer protocol) here “S” ending sign is very important if you not get https than avoid it. I mean if a website ask some sensitive information than must be start with https like A website received HTTPS after putting a digital certificate on its server. For getting digital certificate the owner of website will have to authenticate himself by providing his personal information to the SSL authority. So if the website is fake than owner won’t get digital certificate.

5.Website page: - It is another important parameter to verify a website nowadays everyone website owner would like make a Facebook, twitter, or other social network webpage or likes of these network. So judge how many the website got page like, shearing, and view of comment. If much comments have negative than you should avoid it. Everyone would like to like its social page after satisfy its service. And he would like a positive comment. If you have get much comment negative than avoid it.

If you have some suggestion than comment under comment box or share this post and help us to make a scam free environment.