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» Gadgets » Everything to know about 4k Ultra HD

What is 4k resolution video? 
4k resolution video is upgraded version of full HD. Remember that moment, when you saw first time full HD video. It was a moment that you would saw wow! When you will see WOW!  It is common thing that image generate pixel according to size of TV. Now you get 1920*1080 pixel in full HD 5” Smartphone.

4k Ultra HD

            You can see clearly pixels in 46- inch or bigger size T.V with stand near its display, 4k (3340*2160 pixels) Resolution stand with much density of pixel.

Know about 4k pixels
4k or 4096*2160 (3840*2160 pixel) is four time high pixels and resolution than HD (1920*1080). Here 1920 pixel is left to right and 1080 up to down. 

Why need 4k technology
 It is commonsense of upgrade in technology and 4k is upgraded version of full HD. You should buy 4k supported TV because in near future 4k replace form HD. While some gadgets like new generation game, USB, media player, blue re available with 4k supported.

4k can upscale
If you want to buy a TV set than forget old version HD TV and buy a new 4k resolution. It is available in market. You can’t see 4k video in full HD TV, while full HD video can see in 4k with no problem.

4k’s future in India or world
At present time hardily available in metro cities, but within 1-2 year later you may see directly from your setup box. Near future fully replace 4k technology in all type gadgets. You may get easily blue-re player, Disc, 4k video recording. It is possible your computer will give output in 4k through HDMI.   

4k friendly devices

Acer liquid S2:- it is android supported Smartphone. With this device you can record video in 4k resolution. It is available in 6” 4k display.

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K it is 4k video recording supported camera with 35ms censer. For navigation here you will see a 5-inch display. It can record 90 minute 4k video recording.

4K TV: - Recently launch 4k TV by Sony’s 55-inch and Samsung’s 65-inch. Both companies offer multiple- connectivity.

Sony VPL-VW100- It’s project capable 4k output.
In next post I will tell you some interesting& amazing gadgets, which support 4k resolution. It was a glance.

Continuously read our Gadgets section’s post for new launched gadgets like Smartphone, TV, computer tablets etc. everything related to gadgets.    

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