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Interview tips for Every Jobs: first you should think, if you were an entrepreneur/interviewer, than what do you wants from your your employee.
              you should Not take load during interview. it is a chance to you to prove yourself as a right person for their company.
Job interview tips

Before going interview: - Before going interview you should read company profile, designation, company branches, revenue, Growth etc. make sure never focus or talk about company's negative concepts such as past incident, work overload etc.

Here i am writing some basic Job interview tips

01. Well preparation and confidence: - If you already know about company profile than need not fear about interviewer question about company profile, but you will not impress without confidence, so you should always think I'm well prepared for very questions.
  • You should be prepared general question such as tell about yourself, why do you wants to join ? etc.
  • you have to gather important information for useful during the interview.

02. Reach at time: - Reach at right time or before but never late other wise interviewer thinks you will always late as employee.
          If you're so early than you may wait at nearly cafe or any other place but if you'r late than you must call them.

03. Be prepared: - we also talk you should well prepared for your syllabus and about company profile form company's website.

04. Write down practice possible questions: - General questions should be well prepared so you can give write and quickly answer without think about answer.

05. First impression: - As you already know or listen/read fist impression is last impression. you should always keep in mind, so give every answer with careful.
  • Give every answer with smile, not as load.
  • You should be in professional dress. 
  • Eye Contact without glaring is showing your confidence. 
  • Never forget for firm handshake.

06. Do Not talk too much: Generally we found if interviewer say discusses some point or ask explaining answer we explain/talk than we take too much time to explaining our answer but make sure you should never take more than two or three minutes in our answer.

07. Starting Answer after complete interviewer's question: - Never interrupt interviewer when he/She talking/Questioning.

08. During interview you should always be enthusiastic. and Don't tell about bad points of past company/ Manager/employers.

09. Your phone should be switched off or silent mode during interview.

10. Eye contact is showing your confidence and make important role, so always answer the question with eye contact to interviewer.

11. Not preparing for the interview: Preparation always increases confidence. So do not face the interview without preparation.

12. Showing up late or too early: Always arrive on time, but never more than 10 minutes early.

13. Never poor handshake: Handshaking matters a lot. With the help of handshaking anyone can judge your personality
    So Never do following type handshake
  • The limp hand gives the impression of disinterest or weakness.
  • Only tips of the fingers shows lack of ability to engage.
  • The arm pump shows overly aggressive salesman.

14. Never should Talking about negatively points of current or past employers/managers/company.

15. Do not ask about the benefits, vacation time or salary during interview. wait untill you have selected or not asked by interviewer.

16. Avoid verbal tricks such as: We all have them from time to time "umm," "like," "you know." You can also sometimes avoid verbal ticks by pausing for a few seconds to gather your thoughts before each response.

17. Match communication styles:
  •  If the interviewer seems all business, then you must be behave like business.
  •  If the interviewer is personable, try discussing his/her interests.
  • If the interviewer asked a direct question, answer directly.
18. A strong resume wins you an opportunity to interview.

19. At the end of interview you should not forgive as thanks for this opportunity.

Here we embed 2 video from you tube for batter understand this article

If you think your video is better than above given, than you may comment here we will publish, if passed in our criteria. 
01. General Questions and their Answer

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