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Interview Questions and their AnswersYou already know, Interview is essential parts for get a job. It's Impossible to get job without interview. we don't know what would asked by hiring manager or interviewer but after experienced we get some frequently asked question almost every interview. In this article we discuss about how to quaky, Fast answer with Pre- preparation. We not recommended to attend an interview without Pre- Preparation because as you know you will not get send chance.     

                If your interview schedule in Near future than you should Read the following Questions and Answers.

01. Can you Tell Me about yourself?
Answer - My name is Hemraj sehra. I live in Jaipur. i have done Bachelor computer Application and form University of Rajasthan in 2010 with 84%. i have 3 yrs experience as Application developer and I have 4 Members in my family in Jaipur.

Important points to give answer
01. Starting with your Name.
02. Give your place information and Shortly educational information
03. Job Experience if yes (If you are fresher maintained hobby)
04. Family details in short. 

It is very important Frequently asked questions in almost every interview,  
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02. Why do you wants to work with this company/Organization?

Answer- Sir, it is grate privilege for everyone to work in a reputed company like ours. when i read about your company i found that my skills are matching with your requirements. Where i can showcase my Technical Skill to contribute to the company growth.

Important points - Interviewer wants to determine what you think about The company.

03. What are your Strengths?
Answer - I am a honest, hardworking self motivated with positive attitude towards my career and My life. I can do handle any situations perfectly.

Important point - Interviewer wants to inspect current designation is best for you or not or can you handle out-of control situation or Not.

04. What are your weakness?
Answer - I can't say No when someone ask for held and i am get nervous when talk with unknown person.  

Important point - Interview wants to inspect your weakness may not affect as employee.

05. Why should i hire you?
Answer for freshers - Sir, as i am a fresher, i have only theoretical knowledge but i can do hard work for this organization. Being punctual ans sincere, i can finish given task within time. and I will put all my efforts for the good progress of organization.

Answer for experience: - With reference to my work experience, i Satisfy all the requirements for this job. i am since with my work and would never let you down in anyway. I promise, you will never regret for this decision to appoint me in your Organization.  

Important point - Interviewer wants, What do you understand about yourself or how can you sell yourself knowledge and experience. 

06. What do you know about company?
Answer - It is one of the best fastest growing company in India. The work environment of the company is vary good. Employee with costumers fee proud to be prat of this company as company provide full support to their employees in professional front it has may branches across the word/India so i have good opportunity to show my talent.

Important points - interviewer wants to know have you knowledge of our company or not? or what do you think about our organization.

07. Why do you wants to switch current organization or looking for our organization?
Answer- I am thankful to my previous company because i have learn a lot of things form there. According to me changes are necessary for everyone to enhance your skills, knowledge and for personal and financial growth your organization is good Platform were i can learn more.

Important point - Interviewer wants to know what is your thinking after leave of our company.

08. What are your salary requirements?
Answer for Fresher - I am a Fresher and salary is not first priority for me. This is a big platform/Organization/Company to start my career a i also wants to improve my knowledge and skill and gain experience. so i expect salary according to may ability and your Organization's norms witch will fulfill my economical needs.

Answer for Experience - I have 3 years experience in programming field. My current CTC is 5 ipa salary has never been a big issues for me, I am expecting salary as company's norms as per my designation and my qualification and experience which can hale me to maintain the slandered for level fo my personal and economical needs.

Important points - If your are fresher never share your salary requirement but experience candidates can share.

09. What are your career goals?
Answer - My short term goal is to archive a job in reputed company where i can utilized my skill and improve career path. while may long term goal is to be respectable position in that company.

Important points - Interviewer wants to know how long do you wants to work with they.

10. Do you have any question to ask me ?
Answer -  Thanks you for giving this opportunity. sir i would like to know about job timing and transport facility and what will be the job location and salary scale for this job in your organization?

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