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Many time you facing slow speed or hang during working hour of your computer, Than your are at right place in this post we discuss how to increase computer and mobile speed with some easy tools to help your trouble.
Why slow your computer: - After long usage of any devise speed is slow because it store junk file (Duplicate, Temporary Files and unwanted programs)., Than your storage decrease and work slow.
 increase computer and smartphone speed

How to increase computer speed
In This post I am telling some important trick/Tips and tools for increase sped and removes unwanted software.

Tips to Increase Speed without install extra tools.
01. Regularly scan and De-fragment.
02. Install and free or paid Antivirus and set auto update.
03. Never open unwanted/unknown/suspicious email.
04. Remove/Uninstall unwanted software.

Tools to Increase computer speed: -
On Window operation system

01. GlaryUtilities: - Gallery utilities is one of the Amazing free tools to remove Junk files it's remove all junk files at on touch with empty folders, Duplicate shortcut (Repair  bad shortcut) you can Manually remove unwanted files.

02. C cleaner: - C cleaner is small and free tools by using of C cleaner you can remove junk, temporary file in one click. It checks your browsers history, cookies and removes it.

03. Tree size free: - Tree size provide Manual search and show your files like tree according to its storage space, you can filter by file name or remove large unwanted file.

Tools for Mac operating system.
01. Disk wave: - Disk wave show your disk by Column and arrange short to large file. Small file green, medium file in purple and large file in red colour, so you can easy recognize witch wile is large or short.

02. App cleaner: - App cleaner is a Mac OS software it's remove unwanted files and folders instantly after uninstall any software from you machine.

03. Clean my mac2: - It's paid cleaner for Mack. Its search automatically old big unwanted file and remove form you machine. You can schedule cleaner.
Signal licence price: $ 39.95

How to increase phone speed
If you want to easy operate mobile device than you need to some free space in system memory/internal memory otherwise your device work too slow or hang at mid task.

Tips to increase mobile speed.
01. Uninstall unwanted app.
02. Free space in internal memory
03. Set default download folder in external memory
04. Move all entertainment data in external memory
05. Install big app on external memory if possible.

Apps to remove temporary files and speed up.
01. Cleanmaster: - Clean master is a free mobile cleaner on built in module, so you can remove junk file and increase RAM.  Its inbuilt antivirus auto scans and removes temporary files.

02. Diskusage:- Disk usage scan all file and folder and remove long files automatically at your permission.

03. Remo more: - Remo more is a device management tool. It's recover, compress files.  While other side you can backup, and content management.  You can use Remo more android IOS Window and Mack operation system

04. Search duplicate file: - Search more search duplicate files, same name duplicate file searching is an easy tools but different names same duplicate file search is very hard to recognized but search duplicate file app is very important app for this type task.

05. Cache cleaner pro: - It's separate for window phone for free by this app you can delete cache and temporary files, you can set automatically schedule. It’s removing and regularly checks other apps junk files and make safer of your window phone.

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