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01. When was born Mahatma Gandhi?    
Mahatma Gandhi
Mahatma Gandhi

Answer: 02-10-1869

02. Where was born Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer:  Porbandar

03. What is full Name of Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer: Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi

04. What is Mother Name’s of Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer:  Putilibai

05. Who was Wife of Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer: Kasturba

06. Which book was written by Gandhi?
Answer:  the Story of My Experiments with Truth, Hind swaraj or Indian Home Rule. 

05. Where was spent time by Mahatma Gandhi during 1893-1914?
Answer: South Africa

06. When was the salt march year?
Answer: March 12, 1930

07. Where is situated (State and District) Sabarmati Ashram?
Answer: Ahmadabad, Gujarat

08. When did Mohandas Karam chand Gandhi die?
Answer: January 30, 1948

09. When and where was first satyagrah experimented of his life?
Answer: 1906 in South Africa, first protest against The Asiatic ordinance. 

10. When and where was first satyagrah in India?
Answer: 1917 at Champaran, Bihar. 

11. When was Gandhi ji went to jail (First time)
Answer: 1908 at Johannesburg in South Africa

12. At which railway Station was Gandhi ji humiliated and ousted?
Answer: Peter marits burg in South Africa (in 1893)

13. Where is situated Tolstoy Farm and where is situate?
Answer: South Africa, 1910. 

14. Which weekly news paper was established by Mahatma Gandhi?
Answer: Indian opinions (1904), Yang Indian and Navjeevan

15. When was Mahatma Gandhi ji returned to Indian?
Answer: January 9, 1915.

16. Why important 9 January was observed as?
Answer: Pravashi Bharatiya Divas

17. Where was M.k Gandhi ji first fast?
Answer: Ahmadabad

18. Why abandoned the Kaiser-I-Hindi by Gandhi ji?
Answer: Jailiyawala bag massacre (1919)

19. Which congress session presided by Gandhi?
Answer Belgaum in 1924

20. When was started All India Harijan samaj by Gandhi ji?
Answer: 1932 

21. Where is situated wardha Ashram?
Answer: Sevagram, Wardha, Maharashtra

22. When did started weekly magazine harijan?
Answer: 1933

23. Gandhi called subhsh chandra bose as.......?
Answer: Patriot.

24. Who called "Half Naked seditious fakir" to M.K Gandhi?
Answer: Winston Churchill

25. Who was given title of Gurudev to Tagore?
Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

24. Who called fist time as "Mahatma"?
Answer: Ravindranath Tagor

25. Who is political Teacher of Gandhi ji?
Answer: Gopal Krishana Gokhale. 

26. Who is considered as spiritual Teacher's of Gandhi ji?
Answer: Leo Tolstoy

27. When was Gandhi ji assassinated?
Answer: 30-01-1948 by Nadhuram Vinayak Godse

28. What was called as "post dated cheque" by M.G?
Answer: Cripps's Mission (1942)

29. Where was Gandhi's third satyagrhaha in India?
Answer: Kheda satyagrah in 1918. 

30. When Gandhi ji published "Hind Swaraj"
Answer: 1908. 

31. Which period was considered as Gandhi an Era"
Answer: 1915 to 1948. 

32. In which language wrote his Autobiography by Gandhi ji?
Answer: Gujarati

33. Who translated Gandhi ji biography in English language?
Answer: Mhadev Desai.

34. Who was the Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi after Demise of Mahadev desai?
Answer: Pyarelal

35. What is the real name of Gandhi's Autobiography?
Answer: Satya na prayoga

36. When Gandhi's autobiography was published?
Answer: 1927 (Navajeevan)

37. What was Gandhi's Last word?
Answer: Hey Ram. 

38. When was married mahatma Gandhi (His age)?
Answer: 13 year. 

39. When was Gandhi Graduate in law?
Answer: in 1891 in Law from university of Landon.

40. What was occupation of Gandhi’s father?
Answer: Minister (Diwan) of City of Porbandar. 

41. What was name of Indian firm in South Africa, called to Gandhi ji?
Answer: Natal

42. When did Gandhi first time, organized a non-violent resistance against the Transvaal government's registration act?
Answer: 1906

43. Gandhi and........ issued the Declaration of Independence on January 26, 1930.
Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

44. How much long Gandhi walked on foot at protest against the British salt monoply ans salt tax.
Answer: 240 mile (400 km) from Ashram (Ahmadabad to Dandi) in 23 days. 

45. When Gandhi started quit India movement?
Answer: on August 1942. 

46. When was last time Gandhi ji released from jail?
Answer: Gandhi was released in May 6, 1944, due to a necessary surgery. 

47. When was Gandhi’s wife dead?
Answer: 22 February 1944 Gandhi's wife dies.

48. Where is Memorial to Mahatma Gandhi ji?
Answer: Raj Ghat (New Delhi, India) 

49. Gandhi's first fast in India?
Answer: April; 1914 (14 Days) 

50. Second Fast of Gandhi's?
Answer February 1918 (3 days)

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