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How To Stop Redirecting your Blog Into Country Specific URL

How To Stop Redirecting your Blog Into Country Specific URL

 s Google do in their Search website ,where it automatically redirects to country specific URL, (for example, Suppose you enter from India it automatically redirects into ) Similarly now onwards blogger also redirects your Blog URL.


What for this country specific URL redirection ?

    As laws are different in different countries, Google can freely block , remove content from specific blog according to their local law. And this blog will be visible to other countries in world.

 If you are Disagree with this Idea of Google and wish to prevent this Country specific redirection of your Blog ?

Step 1: Go to Blogger Dashboard > Click Blog > Click "Template" > Edit HTML

Step 2: Search

And paste the code before 

Step 3: Save the template. You are done! :-) 


Showing ads on your page

Showing ads between your posts

If you want to show ads between your posts, first go to your Layouts tab. Then, in the "Blog Posts" section, click on "Edit." A pop-up window will appear with options to configure your blog posts. Check the box next to "Show Ads Between Posts." (Note: You must be signed up for AdSense before you can check this box.)
Once you check this box you'll see the configuration options for your ads. You can then select how often you would like ads to be shown after your posts.
For example, if you want ads to be displayed after every post, select "1" from the drop-down menu (please note that AdSense policy limits you to a total of 3 ad units per page, and Blogger will automatically prevent you from going over this limit). You can then select your ad format and colors. Once you have finished configuring your ads, click on the orange "Save" button.

How to add paypal donate button to blogger

Donate Example Setting up your Paypal Account-

Note : If you haven't yet signed up for Paypal then do it here We were having difficulties receiving Payments in Personal Paypal account, so you have to make your Paypal account Premier in order to receive donations. Upgrading your account to Premier is absolutely free. Login to your Paypal account -> On your account dashboard you will see the account type you have, if Personal is mention there, click on it and upgrade to Premier. That's it.

Procedure To Generating the Donate Button-

Note : I suggest you to log out from Paypal while creating the button.  
(1). Go to this page and click on 'Create button' link
(2). Now when you are on the page with Paypal button creating tool you will see a drop down menu with different options (button type) choose Donations from the drop down.
(3). Put your organization name and donation id (it's optional)
(4). If you want a more customized button then you can use the customization options, you can 
(5). put your own image instead of the normal donate button (optional)
(6). Choose the currency. If you want a fixed amount to get donated from the donors then you 
(6). can choose the 'Donors contribute a fixed amount.' and enter the amount.
(7). The last and the most important step is to enter the email id for your Paypal
Skip Step 2 and 3 there and click on 'Create Button' and you will get the HTML code for your donate button. Copy that code.

Next is to add the code for Paypal donate button into your blog's sidebar.

How to install in blogger platform-

(1). Go to- and Login your Account
(2). Open Your Blog where you Get This Widget.
(3). Go to under the Option Layout
(4). & Click to +Add a Gadget Option
(5). Now Scroll To "HTML-JAVASCRIPT"
(6). Click "+" Icon To Add It
(7). Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It To There.
(8). Leave The Title Empty.
(9). Click Save, Now You Are Done.

How to make alert message in blog

Hi friend,
  welcome to my blog now learn setup alert message on your blog.
1. Log in to Blogger
 Now go to and log in to your account.

2. Go to Edit HTML
In the Dashboard page,
click on template + click HTML 3. Find the code
Press Ctrl + F  you will enter the search mode. Now find the code below:

4. Paste the Code

After finding the code in your blog template, now copy all the code below and then paste that code before the code . By adding this script code into your blog template, you will begin installing the welcome messages command into your blog.

As you can see in that script code above, the sentence Welcome To My Blog indicates the welcome messages that will be appeared when visitors coming to your blog. Anyway, you can change that sentence Welcome To My Blog using your own welcome messages.

5. Save the change
By pressing the Save Template button, you can save the current change you've just made. To see the result, you can go directly to your blog. As you can see in your blog, the welcome messages will be appeared every time you visit your blog.

Posting a video from YouTube

Embedding a YouTube Video

To embed a video from YouTube, just follow these simple steps:
  1. Click on the "Share" button underneath the YouTube video.
  2. Select "Show more," and then click on the Blogger icon.
  3. Depending on whether or not you're signed in to your blog, you might have to enter in your username and password in the new window that pops up.
  4. At the top of the new window, choose the blog you would like to post to from the drop-down menu.
  5. Publish your post!

Embedding manually

Alternatively, you can copy the embed code and paste it into your blog. Just click on "Share" and then on "Embed" to find the embed code. Copy the code, then paste it into your blog while on the "Edit HTML" tab (as opposed to the "Compose" tab).

101 free ways to increase your blog traffic

1. Join MyBlogLog, add friends, and join communities. 2. Sign up for Technorati and ping it when your blog content changes.
3. Use a ping service like pingomatic to ping RSS aggregators.
4. Submit your blog to all of the directories on Robin Good’s list of RSS directories.
5. Use trackbacks.
6. Leave comments on blogs in related niches.
7. Tell your friends about your blog and specific posts.
8. Put your blog URL in your forum signatures.
9. Create link bait.
10. Tell Your newsletter subscribers about your blog.
11. Write press releases for your blog.
12. Link liberally to other blogs in your posts (many bloggers check who links to them).
13. Tag your posts using Technorati tags or a tag plug-in.
14. Submit your posts to multiple social bookmarking sites using OnlyWire.
15. Use Stumbleupon to stumble your posts.
16. Answer questions on Yahoo answers with the answers on your blog.
17. Answer questions on forums related to your niche with a link to one of your blog posts that answers the question.
18. Set up a feed on MyYahoo so that Yahoo keeps better track of your blog.
19. Make lists (My Top 5…, Ten Things…, etc.). Many of the most popular blog posts are lists like this one.
20. Use pictures. Most of the top trafficed blogs use pictures in their posts.
21. Use video on your blog.
22. Find out what people want to learn about in your blog’s niche and write about it.
23. Be the first to break a news story.
24. Use keyword research to find good keywords to use in your posts.
25. Write controversial posts.
26. Strongly Agree or strongly disagree with other bloggers and write about it with a link to their post.
27. Make it easy for your readers to sign up for your RSS feed.
28. Make it easy for your readers to Digg your posts.
29. Ask your readers to submit your posts to social bookmarking sites (Digg, Reddit, etc.).
30. Interview well known people in your industry (it’s working well for me).
31. Give credit to the blogs that inspire your posts.
32. Don’t be boring.
33. Write for beginners.
34. Participate in group writing projects.
35. Participate in blog memes.
36. Create a blog meme and tag your friends.
37. Participate in blog carnivals.
38. Post at different times of the day.
39. Submit your best posts to article directories.
40. Write Killer Content .
41. Start a group blog. These tend to get more traffic, because more people are creating conent and more people are promoting it.
42. Have guest posters.
43. Create a blog meme and tag an A-list blogger who you like.
44. Submit your blog to regular web directories (like DMOZ, etc.).
45. Join SpicyPage and promote your blog on it.
46. Join a blog webring.
47. Sign up for BlogWoods and promote your blog on it.
48. Join LinkAndBlog and do link and blog challenges.
49. Submit your best posts to Netscape.
50. Exchange Ads (not blogroll links) with complementary blogs.
51. Trade blog roll links with related blogs.
52. Sign up for mojo Subscribe to your feed and click “add mojo” on your better articles.
53. Add a plug-in to notify users of new comments (I REALLY need to do this).
54. Make it easy for your visitors to submit your post to ALL social bookmarking sites (not just Digg).
55. Add a tell-a-friend script or plug-in to your posts.
56. Make it easy for your visitors to bookmark your page in their browser.
57. Make it easy for people to link to your blog.
58. Use easy to read fonts.
59. Use a professional looking blog design.
60. Make your blog easy to navigate.
61. Highlight your most popular posts.
62. Write posts that ask provocative questions.
63. Use questions for the title of your blog posts (you knew that was coming).
64. Use good keywords in your post titles.
65. Reply to every question you get through email.
66. Reply to every question you get on your blog.
67. E-mail other bloggers about your really good post(s) (breaking news posts).
68. Offer free stuff related to your niche (tools, ebooks, etc).
69. Run a contest.
70. Publish videos on YouTube with the URL for your site at the beginning and end of the video.
71. Install a translation plug-in or use a translation service to translate your blog into foreign languages.
72. Put Your URL on everything that goes out of your house (business cards, stationary, mailing labels, etc.).
73. Go through’s list of web 2.0 sites and promote your blog on all web 2.0 sites that apply.
74. Search for Wikis related to your niche to submit your blog to. For example, for this blog the search phrase would be “make money online wiki” or “internet marketing wiki”.
75. Give regular polls (use a poll plug-in like democracy for this).
76. Add trivia quiz pages.
77. Add ecard pages.
78. Add a forum for your visitors to discuss more on your niche.
79. Add a wiki to your blog .
80. Join Hubpages and post links to your blog from articles you write.
81. Join Blink List and make a list of blogs with your blog in it.
82. Join 43 Things and write a list of 43 things you want to achieve (include your blog url in the list).
83. Join Blogger Party (and/or other free blog systems). Then write posts that link back to your blog.
84. Make a Squidoo lens (or more than one) with a link to your blog.
85. Provide Wikipedia articles with links to your blog where it makes sense.
86. Tell people you will link back to them if they review your blog (like John Chow).
87. Join Blog Catalog (kind of like MyBlogLog).
88. Create a MySpace Page. Put your blog on it, and get some friends.
89. Use SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
90. Use good grammar. People will be happy with your writing.
91. Submit your blog to directories in your niche.
92. Email or Instant message your friends to Digg, stumbelupon, etc. your post.
93. Link to your blog from other websites and blogs you own.
94. Write a post about the top x bloggers in your niche or state or country, etc. Then tell them about, so they will want to link back to you.
95. Promote your posts on related newsgroups.
96. Post frequently.
97. Submit your site to free website review sites like coolsiteoftheday.
98. Search for .edu sites with link pages, forums, directories, and wikis to submit your link to.
99. Give out blogging awards and tell the bloggers you are giving the awards to about it.
100. Pray. (That’s just always good advice)...
101. Make a 101 list.

How to auto post or update blogspot via Rss feed

Do you want to publish news sports score and many other such service on your blog these type service update every hour, minute and second  its very difficult to manage for blogger but RSS feed make simple to post automatically on your blogs post.

 1. Find RSS feed do you want.
     click hare for cricket

 2. click hare    for generate JavaScript code of your code.

 3. Past feed in URL box  set what do you in your feed page.

 4. click on preview feed see your  feed page preview

 5. if you satisfy click on Generate JavaScript & copy code.

 6. Go to your blog and click on New Post 

 7. Click on HTML Remove everything & past your JavaScript code. 

 8. click compose now you will see blank page but  don't very. click preview and publish 

Enjoy now to your feed. i think it is help your to auto post on your blog.  


How to insert a link

Many time we want to put a link but we don't know how to put a hyperlink in comment box so every one easy go to other site do you want.
         don't worry copy fowling link replace fallowing your URL and post">text that turns into the link
replace your URL in green area.
replace yellow to do you want to name of your link.  


Active and passive voice

The places of subject and object in sentence are inter-changed in passive voice. 3rd form of verb (past participle) will be used only (as main verb) in passive voice.

In active voice 

  Adam cleaned the kitchen

in passive voice  

  The kitchen was cleaned by Adam

 Formation of the passive form

  Active  Passive
 Present simple
 She does the homework.
 am/are/is + past participle
 The homework is done (by her).
 Past simple
 He did the homework.
 was/were + past participle
 The homework was done (by him).
 Present continuous
 She is doing the homework.
 am/are/is + being + past participle
 The homework is being done (by her).
 Past continuous
 He was doing the homework
 was/were + being + past participle
 The homework was being done (by him).
 Present perfect
 She has done the homework.
 have/has + been + past participle
 The homework has been done (by her)
 Past perfect
 He had done the homework.
 had + been + past participle
 The homework had been done (by him).
 future (will)
 She will do the homework.
 will + been + past participle
 The homework will be done (by her).
 future (going to) He is going to do the homework.  am/are/is going to + be + past participle
 The homework is going to be done (by him).
 She wants to do the homework.
 to be + past participle
 She wants the homework to be done (by her).
 He can do the homework.
 modal + be + past participle
 The homework can be done (by him).
 They are building the house.
 being + past participle
 The house is being built.
Present Conditional
When I have time, I do the filing.
 get +past participle
 When I have time, the filing gets done

  Indefinite 1         cont 2              per 3       per. con 4
2 2 4 0
2 2 4 0
2 0 4 0

Here  in second table a simple trick to understand change of sentence in passive voice.
code 2 = continuous
code 4=  perfect continuous
code 0 = no change

Present indefinite will change according to position no.2 or continuous, however present continuous change according to position no.2 or no change.

Intransitive and stative verbs
Intransitive verbs are verbs that have a subject but don’t have an object.
Ex: run, fall, die, sleep, arrive

Use of preposition after following verbs
Not:- surprised, astonished, satisfied + at
         pleased, interested, + in
         known + to

Change in pronouns
subject          object
  I                    me
  we                 us
  He                 him
  She               her
  they               them

1. when sentence start with wh- words in passive voice same started wh- words.
    but when sentence start with who in passive voice add By before whom.

    example: 1. why did America attack Taliban ? (active voice)

                     why was Taliban attacked by America ? (passive voice)

                 2. who broke this cup? (active voice)
                     By whom was this cup broken ? (passive voice)

who-----------By whom

sentence of ORDER

Let +object + be + v3

1. Do it .
    let it be done.

2. shut the door.
   let the door be shut. 
sentence of suggestion

object + should be + v3

sentence of Request

In passivise voice skip please, kindly and begin if sentence is affirmative YOU ARE REQUEST TO 
and in negative sentence YOU ARE REQUESTED NOT TO  

1. please shut the door.
    you are request to shut the door.

sentence begin with Let 

Let + object +be+ v3 + by + subject 

Begin with nobody/ no one   

In passive voice skip nobody/ no one and make negative sentence.
 1. No body can answer such question.
     such question can not be answer 

begin with It is time

1. It is time to open the office.
    it is time for the office to be opened.

2. it is time to shut the shop.
    it is time for the shop to be shut.


Stock market beginner guide in hindi

CNBC Awaz live, Stock live price and LIVE TV News 
Latest business news
History of Indian stock market 
PE ratio 
Calculation of Brokerage and Taxes on buy and sell 
How to invest in mutual fund 
Type of mutual funds plans 
Mutual fund 
Economic terminology 
Circuit in stock market 
How are stock prices set each day 
How to make a career in stock market

List of English Idioms

List of Idioms


An idiom is a common word or phrase with a culturally understood meaning that differs from what its composite words' denotations would suggest.


A Idioms

about to (do something)
- to be on the point of doing something
I was about to leave when the phone rang.

according to (someone or something)

- as said or told by someone, in agreement with something, in the order of something, in proportion to something
According to our teacher, there will be no class next week.
We did everything according to the terms of our agreement.
We will dress for the hike, according to the weather.

account for (something)

- to provide an explanation or an answer for something
The bad weather accounts for the fact that few people came to the meeting.

after all

- considering the fact that something happened or happens, something that is usually assumed
"You don't need to phone him. After all, he never phones you."

all of a sudden

- suddenly, without advance warning
All of a sudden, it became cloudy and began to rain.

as a matter of fact

- actually
"As a matter of fact, we have been to the sports stadium many times."

as far as

- to the extent or degree of something
As far as I know, the movie will start in a few minutes.

as for

- with regard to, concerning
"As for myself, I think that I will return home now."

as if

- in the same way that something would be, that
The drink tastes as if it were made with orange juice.
It seemed as if the whole school came to the concert.

as long as

- provided that, on condition that
"As long as you promise to be careful, you can borrow my car."

as soon as

- just after something, when
I phoned my friend as soon as I finished dinner.

as to

- with regard to, according to
"As to your question, I will answer it tomorrow."
The players were put into groups as to their ability.

as well

- in addition, also, too
I plan to take swimming lessons this summer. I plan to take a computer course as well.

as well as (someone or something)

- in addition to someone or something
"Please bring your swimming suit as well as your towel."

B Idioms

back and forth

- backwards and forwards, first one way and then the other way
The argument with the lawyer went back and forth before the judge made a decision.

better off

- to be in a better situation than before
My friend would be better off if he sold his old car and bought a new one.

break down (something) or break (something) down

- to divide something into parts, to separate something into simpler substances
We tried to break down the problem for further study.
The sugar began to break down soon after it was swallowed.

break up or break up (something) or break (something) up

- to separate, to divide into groups or pieces, to put an end to something
I hope that my favorite band does not break up.
The students did not want to break up their groups.
The coach decided to break the team up into small groups.

by the way

- incidentally
"By the way, could you please bring your laptop computer tomorrow."

C Idioms

carry out (something) or carry (something) out

- to put something into action, to accomplish something, to do something
The scientist wanted to carry out more experiments before discussing the new medicine.

come on!

- please, hurry, go faster
"Come on, I only have a few minutes before I must go."
"Come on, stop doing that."

come up

- to happen unexpectedly
I will not be able to go to the party if something else comes up.

come up with (something)

- to produce or find a thought or idea or answer
I tried to come up with a name for the new magazine.

D Idioms

deal with (something)

- to be concerned with something, to take action about something
We will deal with the boxes tomorrow.

E Idioms

end up (doing something or going somewhere)

- to do something that one had not planned to do, to go somewhere one had not planned to go
We ended up watching a movie last night.
We ended up going to a restaurant after the movie last night.

F Idioms

figure out (someone or something) or figure (someone or something) out

- to try to understand someone or something, to solve something
I finally figured out how to use the new computer software.

fill in (something) or fill (something) in

- to write words in blank spaces
"Please fill in this form and give it to the receptionist."
I filled the form in and gave it to the receptionist.

find out (something)

- to learn or discover something
My mother is angry with me because she found out that I had quit my French class.

first of all

- the very first thing
First of all, we prepared the garden and then we planted the seeds.

for good

- permanently
The city plans to close the public swimming pool for good.

for sure

- without doubt, certainly, surely
"I will go to the movie with you for sure next week."

G Idioms

get back to (something)

- to return to something
I was happy to get back to my work after my holiday.

get into (something)

- to become interested or involved in something
I do not want to get into an argument with my friend.
We will get into the details of the plan tomorrow.

get into (somewhere)

- to enter somewhere
My friend wants to get into a good university.
I bumped my head as I was getting into the car.

get out of (somewhere)

- to leave somewhere, to escape from somewhere
I have an appointment and I want to get out of my house quickly.

get rid of (something)

- to give or throw something away, to sell or destroy something, to make a cold or fever disappear
I bought a new television so I want to get rid of my old one.

get through (something)

- to complete something, to finish something
My friend is having trouble getting through her final exams.
I have much reading that I must get through before tomorrow.

go ahead

- to begin to do something
"Let`s go ahead and start now. We can`t wait any longer."

go on

- to continue
The game will probably go on for an hour after we leave.

go over (something)

- to examine or review something
The accountant will go over our books tomorrow.
We plan to go over that question tomorrow.

go through (something)

- to discuss something, to look at something, to do something
The teacher decided to go through the exercise before the test.

go with (something)

- to choose one thing rather than another
We decided to go with the small rental car rather than the large one.

H Idioms

hang out (somewhere or with someone)

- to spend one`s time with no great purpose, to spend leisure time with friends
Recently, my friend has been hanging out with a bad group of people.

have (something) to do with (something)

- to be about something, to be on the subject of something, to be related to something
"The book has something to do with cooking but I am not sure if you will like it."
That problem has nothing to do with me.

hold on

- to wait a minute, to stop, to wait and not hang up the phone
"Please hold on for a minute while I lock the door."
"Hold on, don't say anything, I can't hear the speaker."

I Idioms

in a way

- to a certain extent, a little, somewhat
In a way, I want to go to the new restaurant, but in a way I do not really care.

in case

- if, if something should happen
I will take my umbrella in case it rains.

in common

- shared together or equally, in use or ownership by all
I had nothing in common with the other members of the class.

in detail

- giving all the details, item by item
The saleswoman explained the new product in detail.

in effect

- for practical purposes, basically
The man's silence was in effect a way of disagreeing with the other people in the meeting.

in fact

- actually, the truth is
The man has been to China before. In fact, he has been there three times.

in favor of (someone or something)

- to approve or support someone or something
Everybody is in favor of the new police chief.
My company is not in favor of changing our holiday schedule.

in general

- in most situations or circumstances
In general, most of the people are happy with the new manager.

in order to

- for the purpose of
They have decided to close down the school for the summer in order to do some major repairs.

in other words

- in a different (usually more direct) way
"In other words, if you do not finish the assignment by Wednesday, you will not pass the course."

in place

- in the proper place or location
Everything in the room was in place when we arrived for the meeting.

in some ways

- in some unspecified way or manner, by some unspecified means
In some ways, I know what my friend wants to say but in other ways, I do not.

in terms of (something)

- with regard to something
In terms of our agreement with the other company, we are not allowed to sell the products online.

in time

- with enough time to do something, within a certain time, before a time limit expires
I did not arrive home in time to meet my cousin.
The girl is working hard to finish her homework in time to go to a movie.

K Idioms

keep (someone or something) in mind

- to remember and think about someone or something
I told my friend to keep the time that I must leave for work in mind.
If I need someone to help fix my computer, I usually keep my friend in mind.

kind of

- somewhat, more or less, moderately
I was kind of tired when I arrived home last night.

L Idioms

look for (something)

- to try to find something, to hunt or search for something
My friend has been looking for her credit card all morning but she cannot find it.

look up (something) or look (something) up

- to search for something in a dictionary or other book
I will look up my friend's name in the telephone book.
I looked the word up in the dictionary.

M Idioms

make a difference

- to cause a change in a situation, to change the nature of something
It does not make a difference whether our boss comes to the meeting or not.
If I study hard this weekend, it should make a difference in my test results next week.

make sense

- to seem reasonable
The manager's new proposal makes sense.

make sure

- to make certain, to establish something without a doubt
I want to make sure that my friend will meet me tomorrow.

more or less

- somewhat, to some extent
I more or less have decided to study business next year.

N Idioms

no matter

- regardless
No matter how hard that I try, my music teacher is never satisfied.

not at all

- certainly not, absolutely not
I am not at all happy with my new computer.

O Idioms

of course

- certainly, definitely, naturally
"Of course you can use my car if you want to."

on the other hand

- however, in contrast, looking at the opposite side of a matter
He is very intelligent but on the other hand he is lazy and always gets low marks at school.

on time

- at the scheduled time, exactly at the correct time, punctually
Our train arrived exactly on time.

once again

- again, one more time, once more
I tried once again to phone my boss at his home .

open to (something)

- to be agreeable to learn or hear about new ideas or suggestions
Most members of the class were open to the teacher's ideas.
Our boss is always open to new ideas.

P Idioms

pick up (something) or pick (something) up

- to get or receive something
I will pick up my dry cleaning tomorrow.
I picked up a copy of the newspaper at the station.

point out (someone or something) or point (someone or something) out

- to explain or call attention to someone or something
My teacher was very kind when she pointed out the mistakes that I had made.

put out (something) or put (something) out

- to produce or make something (a product or brochure or report or CD or movie or paper)
The company puts out a newsletter every month for the employees.

R Idioms

regardless of (something)

- without considering or thinking about something, without regard to something, in spite of something
Regardless of the weather, we are going to go fishing tomorrow morning.

right away

- immediately
"I forgot my book at home but I will go and get it right away."

rule out (someone or something) or rule (someone or something) out

- to decide against or eliminate someone or something
The police ruled out the man as a possible bank robber.
We decided to rule Monday out as the day to have our meeting.

run into (something - a fact or trouble or problems or difficulty)

- to experience something, to encounter something
The mechanic ran into trouble when he was fixing my car.
I ran into some interesting facts while I was researching my essay.

S Idioms

set up (something) or set (something) up

- to establish something, to provide the money for something
The newspaper company provided the money to set up the new travel magazine.
The company set up a unique system to test the new product.

show up

- to appear, to arrive, to be present
"What time did your friend show up for the party?"

so far

- until now
So far, no one has entered the speech contest at the television station.

so to speak

- as one might or could say, this is one way to say something
We had a good time at the restaurant, so to speak, although the service was not very good.

sort of (something)

- to be almost something, to be similar to something, to be not quite something
"Did you finish cleaning the kitchen?"
"Sort of, but not really."

stick with (something)

- to continue doing something, to not quit something
The boy has been able to stick with his music lessons since he was a child.

T Idioms

take advantage of (someone or something)

- to use someone or something for one's own benefit
We took advantage of the beautiful weather and went to the beach.

take care of (someone or something)

- to look after or give attention to someone or something
It is good to take care of your health or you will become sick.

take out (something) or take (something) out

- to remove something from somewhere
The teacher told us to take out our books.
I took out some onions from the refridgerator.

take over (something) or take (something) over

- to take control of something, to take command of something
The large company wants to take over the small company in our town.

take place

- to happen, to occur
The soccer game took place on the coldest day of the year.

to the extent that

- to the degree that, in so far as
I plan to provide information about the new company policy, to the extent that I am familiar with it.

turn in (something) or turn (something) in

- to give something to someone, to hand something to someone
I arrived at school early so that I could turn in my essay.

turn out

- to be found or known, to prove to be true
It turned out that more people came to the meeting than we had expected.

U Idioms

up to

- until, as far as a certain point, approaching a certain point
Up to last week, I had never been inside a bowling alley.
There were probably up to thirty people at the meeting.

up to (someone) to decide (something) or do (something)

- to be responsible to choose or decide something
It is up to the company president to decide when the meeting will start.

used to (something)

- accustomed to something
My friend is not used to living in such a big city.

W Idioms

with respect to (something)

- referring to something, concerning something
I do not know what the company will do with respect to the old computer system.

work out

- to end successfully
I hope that everything will work out for my friend when she moves next month.
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