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ABATTOIR : A place where animals are slaughtered.
ACCOMPLICE : A partner in crime.
AESTHETE : A person with a highly developed sense of beauty.
AFFLUENT : Wealthy; having abundance of money.
AGORAPHOBIA : Unreasonable fear of open spaces.
ALLEVIATE : To lessen, make less severe.
ALTRUIST : One who does good work for others without thought of personal gain.
AMBIDEXTROUS : Able to use the left hand as well as the right.
AMBIGUOUS : A word or statement which can be interpreted in two ways.
ANACHRONISM : That which appears to be in the wrong period.
ANGLOPHILE : An admirer of the English people, language, manners or way of life.
ANGLOPHOBE : One who dislikes the English and England.
ARMISTICE : An agreement to stop fighting in a war.
ARISTOCRACY : A government run by the rich and the elite people; a class of well-born people.
ARTISTE : Professional singer, dancer etc.
ATHEIST : A person who does not believe in the existence of God.
AUTOCRACY : A government where the power is concentrated in the hands of one person.
AUTOPSY : Medical examination of a dead body.
BANKRUPT : A person who cannot pay his debts.
BARBARIAN : An uncivilized person.
BARRICADE : Hastily erected barrier across a street.
BELLIGERENT : One who is engaged in fighting a battle or war.
BIBLIOGRAPHY : A list of writings on a subject.
BIBLIOPHILE : One who loves books.
BIOGRAPHY : The story of a person’s life.
BLASPHEMOUS : One who is irreverent towards God.
BREVITY : Briefness; shortness of time.
BREWERY : A place where beer is made.
BUREAUCRACY : A government run by civil servants.
CALLIGRAPHY : The art of beautiful hand writing.
CARDIOLOGIST : A doctor specializing in matters relating to the heart.
CATHOLICITY : Broad outlook, free from prejudice.

CELIBACY : The state of being unmarried.
CHARLATAN : One who deceives others by claiming to be an expert.
CIRCUMLOCUTION : A roundabout way of expression.
CLAUSTROPHOBIA : A morbid fear of confined spaces.
COAGULATE : Change from liquid into solid by chemical reaction.
COLLOQUIAL : Suitable for ordinary informal conversation.
COMBUSTIBLE : That which can catch fire and burn easily.
COMEDIAN : One who plays funny parts in plays or films.
COMMODITY : An article of trade or commerce.
COMPATRIOT : A person belonging to one’s own country.
COMPLEXION : The natural color and appear- acne of skin.
COMPULSORY : That which must be done.
CONDUCTOR : That which acts as a path for electricity, heat etc.
CONNOISSEUR : A person who is competent to pass critical judgement upon anything.
CONSCRIPT : A person who is compelled by law to serve in the armed forces.
CONSORTIUM : A combination of several businesses for a common purpose.
CONTAGIOUS : That which spreads easily, especially a disease.
CONTRETEMPS : An unlucky event, an unexpected set-back.
CONTROVERSIAL : That which causes debate or argument.
CONVENTION (2) : A formal assembly or conference of people of the same business to discuss practices.
CORRIGENDA : Something to be corrected in a printed book.
COUNTERFEIT : Copy something exactly in order to deceive.
COUP D’ÉTAT : Sudden overthrow of a government, especially by force.
CRUISE : A sea voyage for pleasure.
CYGNET : A young swan.
CYNIC : One who has little faith in human sincerity or honesty.
DEBACLE : A sudden complete failure.
DENOUEMENT : The last part of a play, book etc. where all the complications of the plot are
DETERGENT : A cleaning agent, especially a synthetic substance.
DETERRENT : Something to discourage people from doing wrong.
DILETTANTE : An admirer of the fine arts.
DISARMAMENT : Reduction of weapons by governments.
DISINFORMATION : False information spread intentionally to spread propaganda.
DOMICILE : A place where one lives permanently.
DRAGNET : A system of connected actions and methods for catching criminals.
DRUDGERY : Hard, uninteresting work.
DUET : Song sung by two people together.
EBULLIENT : High-spirited, exuberant.
EFFEMINATE : A man who has the qualities of a woman.
ENCYCLOPAEDIA : A book giving information on all branches of knowledge.
ENTOMOLOGY : The scientific study of insects.
EPIC : A long narrative poem.
EPILOGUE : Concluding part of a literary work.
ERGONOMICS : The study of the efficiency of people in their working environment.
ERR : Make a mistake, do wrong.
ESTUARY : The wide mouth of a river.
EVOLUTION : Gradual development from simple life forms to complex ones.
EXCISE : Tax on goods produced and used in a country.
EXERTION : Making an effort; trying very hard to do something.
EXTEMPORE : A speech made without any previous thought or preparation.
EXTERMINATE : To put an end to something by killing.
EXTROVERT : A person who is active, lively and enjoys the company of others.
EXUBERANT : Lively, high-spirited.
FALLACY : A false idea or belief.
FARCE : A light-heated humorous play with silly action.
FASTIDIOUS : One who cannot be easily pleased.
FAVORITISM : The practice of giving favored treatment to certain people.
FEBRILE : Of or caused by fever.
FEMINIST : A supporter of the cause of women.
FIANCEE : A girl to whom a man is engaged to be married.
FISSION : Splitting of the nucleus of an atom.
FLOGGING : Severe beating with a whip.
FLUVIAL : Of, found in, or produced by rivers.
FOOLSCAP : A size of paper, also called ‘legal’ format.
FOREMAN : A skilled worker in charge of other workmen.
FOURTH ESTATE : Influential newspapers and journalists.
FRANCOPHONE : An admirer of the French people, language, manners or way of life.
FRANCOPHONE : One who dislikes the French and France.
FRATRICIDE : The murder of one’s brother.
FREIGHT : Goods carried by train, ship etc.
FUDDY-DUDDY : An elderly person who does not understand or approve of modern ideas.
FUMIGATE : To clear of disease, bacteria etc., by means of chemical smoke.
GARAGE : A building in which motorcars are parked.
GARRULOUS : One who talks too much about uninteresting things.
GASTRONOMY : The art and science of cooking and eating good food.
GENOCIDE : Elimination or killing of a whole race.
GERMANOPHILE : An admirer of the German people, language, manners or way of life.
GERMANOPHOBE : One who dislikes the Germans and Germany.
GERMICIDE : A medicine that kills germs.
GLACIER : A mass of ice moving very slowly down a mountain valley.
GLUT : A larger supply than necessary.
GRAFFITI : Rough drawing or writing on public walls.
GRAMINIVORE : An animal that eats grain.
GRATIS : Without payment, free of cost.
GUBERNATORIAL : Of a governor.
HALLUCINATION : Seeing something which is not actually present.
HAVEN : A place of calm and safety.
HEDONIST : One who lives for pleasure.
HERBIVORE : A plant-eating animal.
HISTRIONICS : Overreacting in a theatrical manner.
HOLOCAUST : Great destruction and the loss of many lives; the mass killing of Jews in  World War II.
HOLSTER : A leather holder for a pistol.
HOMICIDE : The killing of one man by another man.
HOMONYM : A word which agrees with another in pronoun-cation and perhaps also inspelling but is different in meaning.
HONORARY : An office for which no salary is paid.
HOOLIGAN : A noisy rough person who causes trouble.
HORTICULTURE : The art of garden cultivation.
HUB : The central part of a wheel.
HYPERCRITICAL : Excessively critical.
HYPOCHONDRIAC : One who has exaggerated anxiety about his health.
HYPOCRITICAL : Pretense of virtue or goodness; saying one thing while thinking another.
HYPOTHESIS : Supposition made as basis for reasoning.
IDEALISM : Practice of forming and following ideals.
IDEOLOGY : Set of ideas at the basis of certain economic or political systems.
IDOLATRY : Worship of idols.
IGNORAMUS : A thoroughly ignorant person.
ILLEGAL : That which is contrary to law.
ILLEGIBLE : Handwriting which can not be read.
ILLITERATE : One who is unable to read or write.
IMMEMORIAL : Too old to be remembered, ancient beyond memory.
IMMINENT : About to happen.
IMMORTAL : That which never dies.
IMPASSABLE : That which cannot be passed through.
IMPLACABLE : Impossible to satisfy, change or make less angry.
IMPREGNABLE : That which cannot be attacked or taken by force.
INACCESSIBLE : That cannot be approached or reached.
INAUSPICIOUS : Not of good omen.
INCORPOREAL : Without a body.
INCREDIBLE : That cannot be believed.
INDEFATIGABLE : One who is incapable of being tired.
INDELIBLE : Incapable of being effaced or cancelled or obliterated.
INDIGENOUS : Belonging naturally to a place.
INDOPHILE : An admirer of the Indian people, its culture, manners or way of life.
INDOPHOBE : One who dislikes the Indians and India.
INEDIBLE : Something which cannot be eaten.
INEVITABLE : That which is bound to happen.
INEXPLICABLE : That which cannot be explained.
INFLAMMABLE : Capable of catching fire.
INFLATE : To fill with air or gas.
INGENIOUS : Very clever.
INIMITABLE : That which cannot be imitated.
INNATE : That which one is born with.
INNOCUOUS : That which is quite harmless.
INTANGIBLE : That cannot be mentally grasped.
INTELLIGENTSIA : The class of people who think independently.
INTOLERABLE : That which cannot be endured.
INTROSPECTION : Examination of one’s own mental processes.
INTUITION : Immediate apprehension by mind reasoning.
INVINCIBLE : That cannot be conquered or defeated.
: That which cannot be wounded.
IRREPARABLE : That which cannot be repaired.
IRREPROACHABLE : So good that no criticism canbe made.
JAYWALK : To cross streets on foot in a careless and dangerous way.
JOEY : A young kangaroo.
JUDICIOUS : Wise, sound in judgement.
KIMONO : A loose gown of silk as worn in Japan.
KNIGHTHOOD : The right to put ‘Sir’ in front of one’s name.
LACKEY : One who behaves like a servant by always obeying.
LAMINATE : To cover with thin sheets ofmetal or plastic.
LEGIBLE : Capable of being read clearly.
LEONINE : Of or like a lion.
LEXICOGRAPHER : One who compiles dictionaries.
LIBERTARIAN : One who believes that one
should have freedom of expression.
LIMERICK : A humorous short poem with five lines.
LITERATI : People with knowledge of literature.
LOQUACIOUS : One who talks a lot.
LOWBROW : One who has no interest in literature, art etc.
LULLABY : A pleasant song sung to send children to sleep.
MACHETE : A knife with a broad heavy blade.
MAGNUM OPUS : A great work of art, particularly literary.
MALEDICTION : Evil, vicious speech.
MANUAL : A book giving information about how to work something.
MANUSCRIPT : Handwritten script of a book.
MARTINET : A strict disciplinarian.
MASCOT : Something chosen as a symbol to bring good luck.
MASOCHIST : One who enjoys pain or humiliation.
MEDIOCRE : One who is neither intelligent nor dull.
MEGALOMANIA : The belief that one is extremely important.
MELODIOUS : Sweet sounding.
MERCANTILE : Of trade and business.
METEOROLOGY : The scientific study of weather conditions.
METICULOUS : A person who is very careful about details.
MILITIA : Those trained as soldiers but not belonging to a regular army.
MISANTHROPE : One who hates mankind.
MISOGAMIST : One who hates marriage.
MISOGYNIST : One who hates women.
MONOMANIAC : One who keeps thinking of one particular thing only.
MONOTHEISM : The practice of worshiping only one god.
MULTINATIONAL : A company having branches in many countries.
MYCOLOGY : The scientific study of fungi.
NAUSEA : Strong feeling of wanting to vomit.
NAUTICAL : Of sailors, ships or sailing.
NEMESIS : Downfall that satisfies natural justice.
NEOLOGISM : A new word.
NEPOTISM : Undue favor shown by a person in power to his relatives.
NOTARY : A public official who makes written statements official.
NUMISMATIC : One who collects coins.
OBITUARY : Notice of a person’s death in a newspaper.
OBLIGATORY : That which is required to be done by law.
OBSOLETE : That which is out of use, or replaced by a newer model.
OMNIPOTENT : One who is all powerful.
OMNISCIENT : One who knows everything.
OMNIVOROUS : One who eats anything.
ONTOLOGY : Philosophy concerned with the nature of existence.
OPHTHALMOLOGIST : An eye-doctor.
OPTOMETRIST : A technician who measures your eyesight.
PACHYDERM : A thick-skinned animal, especially an elephant or rhinoceros.
PACIFIST : One who believes in the abolition of war.
PALEOGRAPHY : The study of ancient writing.
PALAEONTOLOGY : The study of fossils.
PANACEA : A remedy which can cure all diseases.
PARADOX : Contradictory statement.
PARASITE : One that lives on another.
PARIAH : One who is not accepted by society.
PATENT : Sole right to make and sell one’s own invention.
PAUNCH : A man’s fat stomach.
PEDANT : One who exhibits his book learning.
PENULTIMATE : Last but one.
PERQUISITE : Gain over and above one’s salary.
PETROLOGY : The scientific study of rocks.
PHILISTINE : Person of material outlook who is indifferent to culture.
PHILOLOGIST : One who is well versed in the science of languages.
PIGMENT : The natural coloring matter of plants and animals.
PLAINTIFF : One who bring a charge against someone in court.
PLATONIC : A very close, non-sexual friendship between two people.
PLEBEIAN : Of the lower social classes.
POLYANDRY : The practice of having more than one husband at the same time.
POLYGAMY : The practice of having more than one husband or wife at the same time.
POLYGLOT : One who speaks many languages.
POLYGRAPH : A lie-detector.
POSTHUMOUS : A child born after the death of its father.
POSTSCRIPT : A note added at the end of a letter, after the signature.
PRAGMATIST : One who uses common sense.
PRESCIENT : Able to foretell what will happen in the future.
PROFILE (1) : A side view of someone’s head.
PROPELLANT : An explosive for firing a bullet or a rocket.
PSEUDONYM : A pen-name assumed by a writer.
PULMONARY : Of or having an effect on the lungs.
QUIXOTIC : Trying to do the impossible, usually to help others, while putting oneself into danger.
RACONTEUR : One who is good at telling stories in an interesting way.
RAPPORT : A good relationship between two people.
RECEPTIVE : Capable of receiving new ideas.
RED TAPISM : Excessive use of official formalities which causes unnecessary delay.
REFLATION : A government policy of increasing the amount of money in circulation.
REINFORCE : Strengthen by additional men or material.
RENAISSANCE : A renewal of interest in art, literature etc.
REQUISITION : An official demand or request.
RETRIBUTION : A severe deserved punishment.
RINGLEADER : One who leads others to do wrong or make trouble.
RODENT : A small herbivore usually considered a pest..
RUSSOPHILE : An admirer of the Russian people, language, manners or way of life.
RUSSOPHOBE : One who dislikes the
Russians and Russia.
SABOTAGE : Wanton destruction especially of a factory, etc. b y dissatis- fied workers.
SACRILEGE : The violation or profaning of sacred things.
SANATORIUM : A place for invalids and convalescents.
SANCTIMONIOUS : Making a show of piety.
SCAFFOLD : A structure on which criminals used to be hanged.
SEPTIC : Person who doubts the truth of what he is told.
SCUBA : An instrument used for breathing when swimming under water.
SEDENTARY : Done while sitting down.
SEER : One who can see into the future.
SENSATIONALISM : The intentional producing of excitement or shock.
SEPTUAGENARIAN : One in his seventies.
SILHOUETTE : Black shadow-like picture on white background.
SIMULTANEOUSLY : Taking place or happening at the same time.
SINECURE : Any office with good salary but no work.
SINOPHILE : An admirer of the Chinese people, language, manners or way of life.
SINOPHOBE : One who dislikes the Chinese and China.
SMALL FRY : Unimportant people.
SNIPPET : A small piece from something spoken or written.
SOJOURN : A short stay at a place.
SPINSTER : An unmarried woman.
STALE : Something which is not fresh.
STAMPEDE : A sudden rush of a large number of frightened people or animals.
STELLAR : Of the stars.
STOCKBROKER : One who buys and sell shares for others.
STOIC : One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure.
STRATAGEM : A trick to deceive an enemy.
STRINGENT : Very strict.
SUBCUTANEOUS : Beneath the skin.
SUB JUDICE : A subject which cannot be publicly discussed because it is being considered by a court of law.
SUBSIDY : Money paid by a government to make prices lower.
SUBVERSIVE : Attempting to weaken or overthrow authority.
SUPERANNUATED : Too old for work.
SURREAL : Having a strange, dreamlike unreal quality.
TABLEAU : A lifelike representation of a famous scene by a group ofpeople who do not move or speak.
TAXIDERMY : The art of stuffing animals and setting them in life-like poses.
TECHNOCRAT : A specialist in technology.
TEETOTALER : One who abstains from all kinds of alcoholic drinks.
TERMINATE : Come or bring to an end.
THEIST : One who believes in the existence of God.
THEOCRACY : Government by priests.
TIMBER : Wood cut down for building etc.
TOPIARY : The art of trimming trees and bushes to decorative shapes.
TRAITOR : One who is disloyal to his country.
TYRANT : A ruler with complete power who rules cruelly.
UNISEX : Of one type, used by both males and females.
UNANIMOUS : A decision taken by the votes of all.
UPSTART : A person who has suddenly risen from low rank to wealth and importance.
UXORICIDE : The killing of one’s wife.
UXORIOUS : Greatly or excessively fond of one’s wife.

some objective type questions for you to
practice with. They are followed by their answers. All these questions were asked for various examinations. Learn all these words carefully

CREDULOUS : Ready to believe without sufficient evidence
ARISTOCRACY : Government by the nobility
PLUTOCRACY : Government by the wealthy people
DEMAGOGUE : A person who can sway his followers by his oratory
DESPERADO : One ready to do any reckless or criminal act
EDIBLE : Fit for food
EPICURIAN : One who devoted to the pleasures of eating and drinking
ELECTROCUTE : Killing by means of an electric current
ENDEMIC : A disease confined to a
particular district or place
EXTROVERT : One whose interest are directed outward
EPHEMERAL : Existing only for a day.
EMBALM : To preserve a dead body from decaying
EPITOME : A brief summary of a book
ENIGMA : A person, thing or
circumstance that is puzzling
EMBARGO : An order prohibiting ships to leave the port
ENTOMOLOGY : The study of insects
FIANCEE : One engaged to be married
FARRIES : One who shoes horses
FUGITIVE : One who runs away from justice or the law
FANATIC : a person filled with excessive enthusiasm, especially in religion
GEOLOGIST : One who studies about rocks and soils
GARRISON : Military force stationed in a fortress
HOMICIDE : The act of killing a human being
HAWKER : One who travels from place to place selling miscellaneous articles
HEDONIST : One who believes that pleasure is the highest tool.
HORTICULTURE : The art of cultivating and managing gardens
HYPERBOLE : Exaggerated statement made for the sake of effect
HOSTAGE : Person given to an enemy as a pledge
INVALID : A person who is sick
INCENDIARY : One who maliciously sets fire to building
INSOLVENT : One who cannot pay one’s debts
IGNORAMUS : An ignorant person
IMMIGRANT : One who comes into a foreign country to settle there
INVINCIBLE : That which cannot be conquer
INCOMBUSTIBLE : Incapable of being burnt
INVISIBLE : That which cannot be seen
IMMORTAL : Living for ever
INIMITABLE : That which cannot be imitated
INDEFATIGABLE : Persons that cannot be wearied
INTERNECINE : Causing destruction to both sides
INTERPOLATE : make (spurious & misleading) additions to a book
JUXTAPOSE : To place side by side
LETHAL : causing death
LACONIC : Expressing in a few words
LAUNDRY : A place where clothes are washed and ironed
LIMNOLOGY : The study of lakes and other fresh water bodies
MANIFESTO : A declaration of plans and promises put forward by a political party
MIGRATE : To move from one country to another
METEOROLOGIST : One who studies the elements of weather.
MISANTHROPE : One who hates mankind
METALLURGY : The science dealing with the production of metals
MONOLOGUE : A long speech by one person
MOBILIZE : To collect together for service in war
MAUSOLEUM : A magnificent tomb
MACHIAVELLIAN : Unscrupulous in gaining what is wanted
MEMENTO : Something kept or given as a reminder
MIVIPAROUS : Producing young that are fully developed .
MEGALOMANIAC : A person with a false impression that he is great and powerful.
NUMISMATICS : The study of coins
NICHE : A hollow place in wall
NEOLOGISM : A new word coined by an author
NEPOTISM : Special favor shown by a person in high position to his relatives.
ORCHARD : A place where fruit trees are grown
OPTIMIST : One who looks on the bright side of things.
OMNISCIENT : One who knows everything
OMNIPRESENT : One who is present everywhere
OCULIST : One who attends to the diseases of the eye
ORNITHOLOGY : The study of birds
OBITUARY : An account, in the newspaper, of the funeral of one deceased
OSTLER : One who attends to horses at an inn
OPTICIAN : One who makes or sells eye-glasses
OOLOGY : The study of eggs
OCCIDENTAL : Belonging to the west
OSTRACIZE : Expel from society
POSTHUMOUS : Occurring after death
PLAGIARISM : Literary theft, or passing off an author’s original work as one’s own.
PYROTECHNICS : The art of making fireworks
PARASITE : A plant or animal growing on another
PANACEA : A cure for all diseases
PHILATELIST : One who collects postage stamps
PHILANTHROPIST : One who devotes his service or wealth for the love of mankind.
PEDANT : One who makes a display of his learning
PEDLAR : One who goes from house to house selling small articles.
PEDIATRICIAN : Doctors who treat children’s diseases
PALEOGRAPHY : The study of ancient modes of writing
PHONETICS : The science of speech, sounds and their production
PYROTECHNICS : The art of making fireworks
PROTAGONIST : Chief person in a drama, story etc.
PSEUDONYM : A fictitious name used by an author
QUACK : One who dishonestly claims to have knowledge and skill, esp. in medicine.
QUARANTINE : Confinement to one place to prevent spread of infection.
RUMINANT : A cud-chewing animal
REFUGEE : One who takes refuge in a foreign country.
REINSTATE : Put back in a former station or condition.
RACONTEUR : One who tells anecdotes or stories
SOMNAMBULIST : One who walk in his sleep
SPENDTHRIFT : One who spends too much
SCULPTOR : One who carves in stone, metal, wood, etc.
SURGEON : One who treats diseases by operations
SANATORIUM : A hospital esp, for tuberculosis patients and convalescents.
SYMPOSIUM : Collection of views of several persons on a topic
SYNONYM : A word with the same meaning as another
SABOTAGE : Wanton destruction of a plant by workmen
SIMULTANEOUS : happening or done at the same time
SUPERFLUOUS : More than is needed
TEETOTALLER : One who doesn’t consume alcoholic drinks
TRAITOR : One who betrays his friends, ruler, country, etc.
TAXIDERMY : The art of preparing, stuffing and mounting the skins of animals, birds and fish.
TOPOGRAPHY : The art of representing the physical features of a place on a map.
THESAURUS : Lexicon, esp, a collection of words
TABOO : An act which religion or custom regards as forbidden.
TRANSMIGRATION : Belief that the soul passes at death into another body.
UTOPIAN : Ideally perfect but impracticable
UNDERTAKER : A tradesman who manages funerals
UPHOLSTERER : One who makes or deals in carpets, curtains, beds, cushioned seats, etc.
USURER : One who lends money at an excessive rate of interest
UPSTART : One who has suddenly risen to wealth and importance
ULTIMATUM : final proposal of terms given by one party to another
UNANIMOUS : Of the same opinion
VETERINARIAN : One skilled in the treatment of diseases of animals
VAGABOND : One who wanders without settled home
VALETUDINARIAN : One who is overanxious about one’s health
VOLUNTEER : One who takes part in an enterprise of his own free will
VERBATIM : Word for word
VERSATILE : Of many sided ability
VICARIOUS : Done for another
WARREN : A place for breeding or preserving rabbits
WINNOW : To separate the husks from the grain
WANTON : Recklessly inconsiderate
WIDOWER : A man whose wife is dead
XENOMANIAC : A person having an excessive attachment to foreign living
ZOO : A place where many kinds of animals are kept for show
ZOOLOGY : The science of animal life

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