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We have heard of reputed business leaders who have yet to strike a balance between their personal and office lives. Effective time management is a concept that can be used well to get the maximum out of 24 hours. The world is a competitive place and one needs to optimize his or her efforts to get the maximum mileage out of a day in order to succeed.

Best Time Management Methodology for MBA Students

MBA students and aspirants need to be crystal clear about the goals, short term and long term alike. Whether you are doing an MBA in India or in an Ivy League college, or whether you are doing an online MBA, you need to have a clear vision of where you want to be and work towards it. An MBA student’s life is demanding and comes with enough distractions, so one needs to exercise right amounts of discipline and discretion to achieve wholesome development.

An MBA student needs to be clear about his life goals, which can be anything like getting selected in top MBA College or a prized placement with a multinational company. Where he is today and where he wants to be a few years hence. Goal setting for oneself is not easy especially following the route map to achieving these missions.

Spend 30 minutes each morning to plan your day. MBA is not an easy course and has a whole lot of subjects. One can prioritize around the syllabi. At home one needs to study as per next day’s classes as class participation is of utmost importance in this program.

Time Management Tips for MBA Students

All work and no play make one dull. MBA focuses on all round development. Listening to news, reading papers and social networking sites keeps one updated. Besides study one should focus on attending seminars events, debates related to his subject. Taking time out for classes, trainings, friends and family all are important but not at the cost of studies. Time slots need to be scheduled for these too. As a student, distractions can be numerous, still being highly motivated in spite of everything can be a challenge. Education gives a stable sense of mind that helps in stimulating yourself and your body in a calm and composed manner.

Student time management involve prioritizing ones tasks where most important one should be first on his to do list. Time being limited; morning tasks should be the ones that cannot be delayed till evening. As Abdul Kalam has truly stated “Dreams are those which never makes you sleep” A task molded in thoughts need to be given a form immediately without any delay. Accomplishing the thought is great sense of relief and satisfaction to mind and soul that rejuvenates with rapid speed to initiate the next thought process.

Practice to Manage Time better - Management games, time management games, project time management; help enhance student time, management skills. Top MBA institutes help students by doing these regularly. Of course we are aware of the saying “Time once lost is lost forever”.

Written by: Neena

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