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A Group Discussion is the make or break point for every candidate as it is mostly the last stage before the final decision is taken. This is the time to present self in the best form. Main traits that are being assessed during the Group Discussions are-
  • Confidence, competence, reasoning and communicating ability, Subject awareness and general awareness.
  • Leadership, maturity and team work.

Tips For Managing a Group Discussion Like a Professional

Topics of Group Discussion interview    
These topics will normally be difficult as you are expected to be well aware of happenings around you. The issues would be selected from list of current and relevant topics. You should make efforts to improve your general knowledge by reading magazines and books which you can buy using Flipkart.com, watching news and remaining up-to-date with latest happenings. Discuss these topics with the friends and family members. It is preferable to have own study group to discuss various topics.

Preparing for Group Discussion would take time and hence should be started well in advance. Your thinking needs to be organized for Group Discussion Interview as under-
  • Select a current subject and decide framework to help you in organizing the thinking. Work out the facts concerning the subject in your mind.
  • Think three positive and three negative points regarding the topic. 
  • Try to have your own balanced view about the topic.
  • Be ready with summary of your points.
Practice the Group Discussion
You should practice discussion loudly and would be better to record it so that you can play it back later. Video recording it would be better because you would be able to analyze your gestures and body postures. Once you analyze it a number of times, you would understand the plus and minus points. You should practice discussion with your group and record it so that it can be replayed. Feed back of group should be taken for further improvement.

If You Know Nothing about Topic

Do not panic because you had otherwise prepared well. Listen to discussion carefully for few minutes. Assess information by reading latest books and make own opinion. You can save on books by using coupons from CouponDekho. Your opinion need not be correct but should be logical and formulated well and should add value to discussion.

Rules for the Group Discussion

Following guidelines should b e followed:
  • Participation is essential.
  • Listen to others but be assertive. 
  • Grab opportunity to speak.
  • Engage everyone in discussion and be team player.
 Importance of Introductions
  • Listen to topic for discussion and agenda and b e clear about allotted time for discussion.
  • Carefully listen to names and introductions and remember some names.
  • Place yourself in a way that you are in contact with all members.
Displaying Teamwork and the Leadership
  • Listen to others and relate your ideas to what is being said.
  • Try to convince others of your views and take them along. 
  • Handle conflict situation tactfully. 
  • Work towards final group solution.
  • Are you in position to convince others about your thoughts?
  • Can you influence others?
Don’ts in Group Discussion Interview
  • If you do not agree with others, never to draw into arguments.
  • Summarize your points quickly and not to speak over someone else.
Written by: - Vinod Kardam

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