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Business Schools or MBA colleges from UK are well known throughout the world and among the top 60 business schools in the Europe, 19 are from UK. This is not surprising as apart from US, UK was one of the first countries to introduce MBA courses way back in 1960s.

The market for MBA courses have grown steadily that promoted all the prestigious universities from UK to launch their sister institutes for business education. UK thus possess significant lineage in the business education domain and subsequently draws a massive population of students from across the globe to study in these esteemed schools.

MBA in UK- Check out these 9 Colleges

London Business School

The London Business School, located in central London (Marylebone) is the top most MBA colleges in UK and the second best in Europe after INSEAD. It has a full time program for MBA courses that is flexible to accommodate young managers with at least five years of working experience. Here the students can choose the course duration from 15, 18 or 21 months according to their suitability. There is 406 classes maximum per year and the school has 33% female students and 91% international students.

Saïd Business School, Oxford University

This is another top MBA college of Europe (ranked fourth) and requires average GMAT scores in the range of 698 (similar to London Business School) with 94% international students. It is a part of the famous Oxford University and the students usually have at least 6 years of working experience. The Oxford MSc courses can be combined with 1 year full time MBA course.

Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Placed in the 13th spot in the European ranking, the Judge Business School from renowned University of Cambridge possess one of the top employment rates among the top MBA colleges from Europe (97% students get employed within three months of graduation). It has 97% international student strength with class size of 152 students.

Imperial College Business School

The Imperial College Business School is placed just after Judge Business School at 14th place among all the European MBA colleges. Its class size is 52, the smallest among all the business schools. It is situated in London and is tied to the Imperial College and offers multidisciplinary combination (business, engineering, medicine, science). It requires at least seven years of work experience to get enrolled in this college.

Cranfield School of Management

In the 17th position among European MBA colleges lies the Cranfield School of Management. The students of this college have to have 9 years of work experience (the highest among the top five MBA colleges in UK) and the class size is 73 students (75% international students; 30% female candidates).

Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

The sister institution of Warwick University is currently placed in 20th amongst the European Business Schools that offers full time and distance MBA courses with an average class size of 67 students and 91% international student strength. The town also possess a rich cultural life and history.

Manchester Business School

The Manchester Business School from the University of Manchester currently ranked 27th in Europe for MBA colleges. The full time course offered by the School has an average class size is 114 with second highest percentage of female students (35%). It is situated in Manchester, which is after London the second best city for students in UK with notable architectural glories, music and culture.

University of Edinburgh Business School

The University of Edinburgh Business School is now ranked 30th in Europe among the top MBA colleges. It has a huge population of international students (96%) and highest percentage of female students (44%). The university is present at the middle of the main campus of Edinburgh University and possesses a diverse and lively student culture. The city also has a rich culture with various events on arts along with the internationally famous Edinburgh Fringe festival.

Henley Business School

The Henley Business School, ranked at 33rd in Europe is one of the most sought MBA colleges in UK that requires a massive 12 years of work experience to get admission. This is because of the fact that the School only wants the mature students to get enrolled (the average student age is 38). There are two campuses one in Whiteknights Park (The Reading Campus) and another in Henley-on-Thames.

Author’s Bio: Ziya is an international based reporter who writes on regular basis in reputed dailies and online portals on different educational topics.

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