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Do you want to make career in BPO Sector?  If your answer is yes or going on Call center interview than this post will be very helpful. In this post we are talking, how can a fresher/Experience handle interview challenge before get job in call center?    
Call center Interview Tips

        Before starting talk on Call center you need to know about basic Tips of an interview.

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          Welcome back I hope you also read and know Basic concept of interview if you not read than click on above given link.

Many persons think No difference between BPO and call center but its wrong Call center is subset of BPO. In another word we can say Call canter is one part of BPO industries. 

Call Canter - Call canter is involved only handling consumers queries, complaints, product services and telemarketing etc. only on Phone call.

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is involve in many activities such as Payroll, Back office, Front office, Billing, data Entry, Accounting, form processing and call canter etc.

Skills need to works in BPO or Call canter.
01. Basic computer and fluently speaking knowledge is enough for a call canter jobs but Good communication Skill and Computer knowledge need to handle BPO sector.
02. BPO is higher services than call canter.
03. In call center work done only on phone lines but In BPO you need to work in one or two business operations of an overseas company.

After well performance or experience in call center you may get back office or team leader jobs.

Many times you hear talking about KPO

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is related to R&D In many industry such as Capital Market like Insurance, Banking,
Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is a Special KPO service in Legal.

As you know working in a call center is 24*7 hours working under-presser job. Before starting make as career you are agree that you can work in any shifts in night/Day/evening/morning. Here your shifts may change according to roster. Here you need to resolve consumer query, complaints. Much time you face

Type of calls
01. Inbound calls
02. Outbound calls.

01. Inbound calls - Here employee receive the call regarding consumers queries, problems, demands etc.
02. Outbound calls - Here employee makes a call to their costumer or exiting costumer regarding to new offers, sales, address verification etc. such as bank offering loan, insurance company offering policy etc.

01. What do you know about call center?
Answer - Call center is service desk where received a large number of consumer’s call in order to render and resolve their query.

02. Why do you wants to work in a call center?
Answer - I am an extrovert person and like to resolve customer’s queries and face their challenges’ that come across. So call center is perfect job for me.

03. What will you do if customer abuses you on call?
Answer - Any Customer abuses when not satisfy with company's services, so first thing that i will do is to stay calm and listen him/her problem. Second I will ask politely and try to resolve him/her query immediately on call if possible or assure. Third thing i will do is to keep check on certain that creates problem to the customer will never repeat again.

04. How you handle under pressure?
Answer - To handle the pressure situation i will always try focus on work with avoid frustration.

05. Are you comfortable with night shift?
Answer - Yes i comfortable to work in any shift.

06. How will you response when system shuts down on working hours.
Answer - In The Middle of call if the system crashes than i will try to resolve his/her problem with my knowledge if possible otherwise I will tell why we are unable to resolve her/him query and  say as something "Sorry for inconvenience call you may call back after some time, we will happy to resolve you query's".

07. What will you do if customer is not happy with solution/Answer?
Answer- If the customer is not happy than i will ask customer to hold the link and pass line to supervisor or team leader.

08. What will you do to improve customer service?
Answer - To improve customer service i would take feedback from costumer and ask to more problems to resolve.

09. While talking to call, what are the procedures you follow?
Answer -
    01. Greet Customer
    02. Introduce yourself to customer
    03. Ask customer how you can be helpful to him/her
    04. Listen to the customer patiently
    05. Try to help the customer with best possible solution
    06. Cross check the customer if he/she is satisfied with the solution
    07. Make sure whether customer need any further assistance

10. How you rate yourself on communication skills?
Answer - You can rate yourself near 8-9 out of 10 because Call center always look for an employee with good communication skills.

Important Tips to get call center job
01. Typing Skill must be at least 25 W.P.M.
02. Make sure your communication skill should be perfect.
03. You agree with work in any shift.

I hope after read/understand this article you will sure get call center job, if you full fill above skill. Our best wishes with your career.

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