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Dear friends don’t miss read this post because today I discuss manage more than one social networking sites account with a dashboard/account.  Everyone know that 21th century is a technical era and almost 2/3 person connected with social networking sites. Many company, professional personal and individual have more than one account on social sites, like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn Google plus, and instagram.

                     Do you want to update all social networking sites in same time with an unique account? If your answer is yes, than you need a unique account that connected with all your social network and open all account in a single click. And your post spread on all account in a single click. Than hootsuite is very useful for you, because it supported all above feature. With it’s an advantage feature you can see your states like notification, friends request, what is your fiends like or dislike and other such type feature. Here you will get a full report of your social networking sites accounts. If you have owner of a website/blog or a company, than hootsiute will much help to grow your traffic and business.

Step by Step guide make dashboard for all social sites.

Step1. Open a webpage

Step2. Create a free account.

Step3. Log in and connect one by one with your social-sites.

After complete all above step you will see states of all you have connected sits. 

There are another web tool that allow simultaneously connect all social account with a single account. 
  Seesmic Logo.png     Seesmic is a freeware web, mobile and desktop application which allow user to connect and manage social networking account with a single seesmic account, such as facebook and twitter.  Seesmic is available for anroild, iphone, window iphone7, and blackbairy.  Seesmic was acquired by HootSuite.


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