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Send unlimited free SMS/text message all over India alongwith any country in the world without registration.

Send unlimited free SMS/text message all over India alongwith any country in the world without registration. 
Today’s is technical era and almost every person owner of a mobile phone. WhatsApp, line and other popular messaging alert service is available, but in India almost 50% of mobile user use 2G call phone or not connected with internet. Hence you need an alternative to send alert to your friend. Hence free SMS service is very important in this situation.
Send unlimited free SMS/text message

Here are following most popular Free SMS websites.

1.160by2:- from 160by2you can send unlimited SMS to any network in India.  Here you can send maximum 160 character SMS. For use of this service you just need register yourself on this website and send unlimited sms.

2. Jaxtr:- Jaxtra is available on web along with Smartphone app. Here you can send unlimited SMS in India as well as 50 other country in all over the world. Here you can make free international call if you are offline than you can make a call in very cheap call rate. This website is very popular for messaging.

3. Indyarocks:- It is very popular for send sms intently without wait a second or you can schedule sms for a specify date and time for congratulation on birthday or other festival. With its advantage feature no need to write a sms. Here is available much predefine sms temples according to you have choose category. If you want to send a congratulation sms on your friend’s birthday them many sms available just choose and send it to any number.

4. Fullonsms :- message is a private thing. Hence, fullonsms website not send advertisement along with sms and never public your number and message. Here you can make a group of maximum 15 numbers and send a group sms or schedule according to you want to send it. You can send unlimited sms at any number.

I specially recommend fullonsms to send sms in India. Almost all features support this website. According to my personal experience.

For international sms jaxtr  is best website.

you can also send free sms from Gmail.

Dear Reader if you know about some interesting free SMS website than comment under comment box and help us to improve this article.
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