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Create a Free Online Survey
1.    Lime survey   Lime survey is best for create online survey because it’s provided much feature than other survey and form.  

2. Survey planet   survey planet you need signup than you can create a survey it’s provided more than one question facility in one page or you can ask unlimited question.  Here you can ask scale, right or wrong or rating question.  Once complete your survey than share by direct link.

3.  Survey Monkey = survey monkey provided free and paid facility but with its free account you can ask only 10 question and 100 response  here you can choose theme based temple, and you can choose question from question bank.

4.   Kwik survey  with kwik survey you can make quiz or pole, its graphic user interface facility make simple to make a survey. Here you can ask unlimited question with unlimited page, its advantage that you can filter response by time or location, it’s free account support advertisement and your survey activate for six month.

5.  Facebook   Survey/Poll service of facebook called question.  It’s available for page admin or group, in question add a question and poll answer or option and do post it. As people response your survey its display real-time activates.

6.   Twitter  if you want to make a poll for twitter followers than Twitpolls is very useful for you, here you can add a question and four answer option, with image video and you can published your poll on timeline follower will response by hash tag  and result will show twitter website. 
7. Google drive   for Survey you can Google drive here you can make form based survey go to you Google drive and create a survey you can select a theme it’s provide multiple chose,  text box, scale based answer.

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  1. rakesh kumar17 September 2014 at 15:28

    Great, These are the best survey sites that helps to poll any question.
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