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The first in world (women) General knowledge

First Lady to Climb Mt. Everest Junko Taibei
First Woman Cosmonaut in Space Valentina Tereshkova
First Woman Prime Minister of a Country Srimavo Bhandarnaike
First Woman President of a Country Maria Estela Peron
First Woman to Command a Space Mission Colonel Eileen Collins (U.S.A.)
The First Woman Prime Minister Of South Korea  Ms. Chang Sang
The First Mislim Woman to Recieve Nobel Prize Shirin Ebadi (Nobel Peace Prize 2003)
The First Woman Of The world to climb Mt. Everest four times Lakpa Sherpa (Nepali)
The First Woman to Cross seven important seas of the World by swimming Bula Chaudhury (India)
The woman to be appointed as Governor of the province in Afghanistan Habiba Sorabhi
The first woman of the world to swim across five continents Bula Chaudhury (India)
The first woman athlete to touch 5.0 meters park in pole vault Ms. Yelena Isinbayeva
First woman foreign secretary of England Margaret Backett
16 First woman Prime Minister of Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller (Feb. 2006)
First Woman President of Chile Dr. Michelle Bachelet
First Woman Chancellor of Germany Angela Markel (took over in Nov. 2005)
First Woman Governor of the State Bank of Pakistan Shanshad Akhtar (Dec. 2005)
The First Duly Elected Woman President of an African Country Allen Johnson Sirleaf
First Woman to Reach Antarctica Caroline Michaelson
First Woman President Of UN General Assembly Smt. Vijayalakshmi Pandit (1953)
The First Woman Prime Minister of England Margaret Thatcher
First person to discover radioactivity Marie Curie of Poland
First woman to swim the English Channel Gertrude Ederle of the USA
First woman to reach the North Pole Ann Bancroft of USA
First woman Prime Minister of the UK Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, 1979
First woman to win Magsasay award M. S. Subbulakshmi, 1974
First woman to win the Templeton award Mother Teresa
First woman to reach South Pole Shirley M. Metz (USA)
First woman to win Nobel Prize in literature Pearl S. Buck
First woman Prime Minister of European country Mrs. Margaret Thatcher, 1979
First youngest Asian to swim across English Channel Arti Pradhan at the age of 16
First camerawoman Tamara Lobova
First lady composer Jaddan Bai
First lady Director Lois Weber (USA)
First lady Producer Countess Bubha (UK)
First woman Bishop in Anglicicanism Barbara Harris (USA)
First democratically elected female head of a Country Vigdis Finnbogadottir
First woman airplane pilot in the World Prem Mathur (India)
First woman Doctor in the World Elizabeth Blackwell
First woman pilot to fly an airbus 300 Capt. Durba Bannerjee, 1987
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