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Best ad networks for Indian publishers

Best and trust-able CPM ad networks for Indian publishers
Choose a best ad network is perfect thing to make decent money from online advertisement. If you are owner of a website or blog, and want to makes decent money than you need to choose best ad network according to your traffic region.  Without combination traffic and ad network you can’t make little money with Hugh traffic.
Best ad networks for Indian publishers
                                First logon www.alexa.com and monitor your traffic region. If you got more than 50% traffic from India, then you shouldn’t avoid the following ad networks.

1. Google Ad-sense: Google Adsense is one of most popular ad network in India along with world. It’s payout much better than any other ad network and pay on net-30 via cheak.

Advantage of Adsense: - 1. Google Adsense is trusted ad network, so don’t worry about fraud and scam. Many big publishers use Adsense and make decent money.
2. Payout is easy it send regularly cheak at your billing address.
3. High CPM, CPC, PPC it almost support all advertisement feature.
4. Google Adsense accepts among small, medium and big publishers. There is no minimum traffic requirement.

Disadvantage: 1. it is very difficult to approve your adsense account.
2. Your account will suspend if you not getting pin or not verified. (Google Adsense sent a unique pin to your billing address after reach $10, if you not get pin or not verified than your account will suspended)  

Always Remember: - 1 focuses only on original and unique with high keyword content. Don’t be much happy after approved Google may suspend your adsense account at any level if you go against its adsense policy.
2. Never copy past any content from any blog/websites, eBooks, PDF and other source, because Adsense is owner of Google and it crawl all source, so don’t try to be over smart.
3. Always remember Google is work on zero tolerance. Your account will instantly suspend without further notice after against its policy.

Status: our overall score is 8/10.

2. Infolink: - Infolink is one of the trustable ad networks. Its rate come effect according to your content but average is good. I and many big publishers use it. I recommend it for small, medium, and big publisher. Its minimum payout is $50 on net-45 via PayPal. It’s also offer payout via master card/debit card. 

Advantage of Infolink: 1. Easy approve and no need minimum traffic and region.
2. Easy pay out on net-45.
3. No need minimum traffic and no special region.
4. No need space for embed ad its make virtual link and show ad after mouse hover or click on virtual link.

Disadvantage: I don’t get recognize any disadvantage except minimum payout limit is $50.

Remember able point: 1. your original link and infolink virtual link color should same.

2. Never click on own website link. 

Status: our overall score is 8/10

3. Bidvertiser: it’s third most popular ad network in Indian publishers. Its minimum payout $10 via PayPal after net-30, But you may feel some problem with click rate. According to my experience it’s good. 

Advantage: 1. Bidvertiser pay per click so if your site content like e-commerce, electronic goods, hosting service than it’s fit for your website.

Disadvantage: Bidvertiser has too rectified many complaint about ad impression, and click not being counted.

Remembrable point: Open and account and if you not satisfied them remove its ad code and find more 

Status: Bidviser is under our scanner.

4. Chitika: - Chitika is #1 adnetwork if you have traffic from us and Canada. It is very trustable ad network among publisher and payout minimum $10 after net-30 via paypal. I recommend this ad network if you have high traffic from us/Canada.

1 easy creates publisher account and approved.
2. Trustable and no high payout.
3 no need minimum traffic.
4. It offer CPM, CPC, PPC and other all type ad like Google adsnse. 

Disadvantage: - 1.Chitika is work on zero tolerance policy, so caution! Never click on Owen ad.
2. Your account may suspend after make a single fake click..

Remembrable point: Never tell your friends to click on ad otherwise 100% you get a mail your ad account suspended.
Status: Our overall score 6/10.

5. Kontera: Kontera is a text link advertisement network. It minimum payout is $50 on vet-30 via PayPal it is also trustable network and there are some big blogger like john chow, jjm korter, Amit agarwal also use it. Ad appears like infolink and adbrite. It offer CPC, PPC, CPM and its rate according to your content and rate by advertiser. 

1. No need minimum traffic.
2. There is no language requirement for your content.
Status: kontera is under our scanner.

6.Komali: - komali is an Indian ad network and it is fastest growing network company. I don’t recommend this network if you have no Indian traffic.

1.Trustable ad Network 
2. Minimum payout $20 after net-45 days.
3. You can setup komali to email report of your account.
4. komali mobile provide ad for mobile traffic. That means you can setup ad for mobile or web bossed traffic. 

Status: it is under our scanner

7.Value click: it is a CPM based ad network. Value click need minimum 3000 impression per month. It Minimum payout is $50 via PayPal after net-30. Its payout is very good.

Status: it is under our scanner

8.Burst media: burst media is a reputed ad network. It offers high cpm company from brand advertisement. It offers minimum payout is $50 PayPal, cheque. For approve this network you need 25,000 monthly impression or 5000 monthly unique visitor. It is offer banner, leader boards, sky scraper and pup-up with different size.

Status: it is under our scanner

9.CPX interactive: CPXi is very reputed ad network. Indian railway website also used its ad you need high traffic to join this ad network. Its payout is via PayPal on net-30.

Status: it is under our scanner

10. Admagnet: - Ad magnet is owns by DGTL media private LTD. Its head quarter is located in Mumbai. Indian railway websites also used this network and they have made more than 60 million in just 7 month, so it is trusted network. For approved you need high traffic. Its Minimum payout is on net-30 and no issue with its payout. I not recommend ad magnet for small publisher.  

Status: it is under our scanner

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  1. Vijay Lamba17 September 2014 16:47

    I was looking out for some good paid ad networks, and you have given me a good list of some really better paid sites.will anyone please let me know their experiences about paid-networks that give higher quality traffic for paid ads. I currently use Bing and Yahoo Ads, but not much satisfied with their traffic for my Business Marketing Blog

    • Bhagwat Deshmukh15 October 2014 13:40

      as per my experience, google adsense is best ad network for more earning because we are using this on my blog: Diwali sms

  2. క శ్రీనివాస్20 September 2014 09:42

    As you said google adsense is always a fear ! We do not know when the account will suspend even if we provide unique content!
    Infolinks are good but CPC is very less

  3. Ujjwal Kumar Sen4 October 2014 18:45

    Thanks for this dashing blog post, but I like the most Chitika, I also Got Payment from Chitika.

    Thanks again.

  4. Ujjwal Kumar Sen4 October 2014 18:45

    Thanks for this dashing blog post, but I like the most Chitika, I also Got Payment from Chitika.

    Thanks again.

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